Starting Solids For My Girl...

~ Posted on Monday, April 16, 2012 at 8:33 AM ~

I started solids for my girl when she is about 6.5 months old. As with my boy, we started off with a small tin of Nestle baby rice cereal. Most important is to get the one which we mixed with breastmilk instead of mix with water (as that means it's already added with formula milk inside the cereal)

As of now, she is still on direct breastfeeding most of the time as I only gave her solids once daily, around 10am+, after a brief feed on one side (to satisfy her hunger but not fill her up so much)

My mini challenges everyday is to hand express my breastmilk fast enough before she starts crying for her feed hahaha, but I use that to my advantages also as I will feed her one side and hand expressed the other side to mix with the rice cereal.

We are down to half tin now, which I will then progress to pureed veggies and fruits with breastmilk. I noticed she's not that enthusiastic sometimes during the solids feeding which is why I'm not rushing yet.

Oh, btw, I also use the solids feeding time to start teaching my girl to get used to saying grace before eating, like how I did for Ben (which he cleverly does nowadays for all his meals!) So what I do is, I grasped both of her hands, looked her in the eyes, and said "Thank you God, bless my food, Amen" (Ben normally chimes in with his Amen at this point)

That's all the updates for now...

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Awe - she's getting so big! MY girls LOVED solids so much - but what a mess! LOL!!

Head Ant

What a beautiful way to start prayer! My kids were never enthusiastic when we started solids either.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Aurie!
Oh yes... with my girl now, I am slowly remembering back all the feeding mess!

Hi Head Ant!
Thank you!


Wow! you're starting her early..saying prayers! Good mum! I remember both my children were not too keen when i started giving them cereals. lol. but they preferred it when i gave them porridge.  say, how do you design your pictures like that? what software are you using may I ask?

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Carolyn!
I thought you meant starting her early on solids hahaha.. yes, saying grace, never too early, I did the same with Ben too! ;) Btw, as for the software, look for PhotoScape, it's free, but gotta play around and practise ya Smile

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