Watch Out for My "Mother's Day, It's Our Day Giveaway!"

~ Posted on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at 4:45 PM ~

Seriously, I am so excited to be hosting tons of giveaways for my upcoming giveaways which I have happily decided to name it as:

Mother's Day, It's Our Day Giveaway

Now read up properly!!!

Attention to my blog / Facebook / Twitter fans or followers, you have got to mark down your calendar because from 1st of May 2012 (12.00am EST, that will be 12pm 1st May 2012 for Malaysia time where I am), you will really want to join my giveaways for these prizes:

Envirosax Bag


Kids Blanks by Zoey

Feel Good Labels


Breastfeeding Covers


Cutey Charm Bracelet


I know right? Now are you as excited as I am? The giveaways will run for 1 month, ending on 31st May 2012. So, really, lock down your calendars OK?

Now a little note for bloggers: If you are looking for ways to build up your traffic and stats, do consider signing up for my giveaways. I do not, I repeat, I DO NOT charge you any single cent for this. In fact, I am even offering you a free link (either Facebook or Twitter) which I will include on my giveaway widgets (depending on which one you signed up for) in exchange that you really really promise to share my giveaways on your blog as well.

I will email you the HTML codes (all prepared nicely) few days before 1st May so that you can have the time to schedule and post the giveaway(s) on your blog. I do however will not hesitate to remove your link if I find out you did not share my giveaways on your blog.

See, where else can you find such a good mummy blogger right? I liaised with the sponsors and secured the prizes, I prepared the giveaway widgets and posts, I send you the HTML codes for the giveaway posts, and yes, I even allow you to enter the giveaways as well!

Don't wait too long, I'm going to close the sign ups once we have the required amount of bloggers in each giveaways!

The sign up form is HERE! (Link removed upon completion of giveaways)

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Thank you for the wonderful opportunity!


Great giveaway. Thanks for letting other bloggers join with you!

Tracy Poh

Hi jenny,

Wish to participate in your offer for bloggers but I can't seem to open the link.


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