Prolonged No Pooping...

~ Posted on Saturday, May 19, 2012 at 7:48 AM ~

The last time I wrote about my girl's prolonging case was back in mid November last year, about her 2 months prolonged jaundice ending.

And now, another prolonged case... this time, prolonged NO pooping. Yep... 2 weeks.. well, almost...

At the time I write this post (which is yesterday), she has just pooped! Finally! After almost 2 weeks without pooping! She pooped about 5 times, pebble (chewing gum ball) sized poops. The biggest one was about twice the size of my thumbs stacked together. Sorry for being too graphic here.

To be honest, throughout the almost 2 weeks of no pooping, of course I'm worried. I mean, I cannot imagine how painful it might be for her to poop when the time comes. I started praying after 1 week, telling God about our situation and that I will not mind the mess when it comes. Just let her poop with as less pain as possible.

On the other hand, I was not worried that she might be constipated as exclusively breastfed babies are not at high risks of constipation (confirmed this with our pediatrician via phone call just few hours before she finally pooped). I did checked out websites on the Internet which all confirmed that unless my child is on formula milk (risks are higher as formula milk are harder to digest and can't be fully digested) or in pain, then I should be worried.

Problem is my girl is not in pain. She's her usual chirpy self.

What I did to help move things along are:

- Pray!

- Increased breastfeeding as breastmilk is a great laxative!

- Give more water throughout the day to hydrate my girl.

- Apply more nappy cream on her anus area to lubricate it when she poops (helps avoid straining the area in case the poop is too big).

- Feed more banana (pead's advice) between feedings to help move the poop along (*Note: We didn't get to try this method since my girl pooped before we managed to buy the banana)

My girl cried for the first few seconds when the poops came out but otherwise was back to her chirpy self and once the poop is out, you can see her happy face as if nothing happened at all!

So there you go, another prolonged case which you can now tell people 'It can happen!'

I just want to tell you guys, especially breastfeeding mothers, if your child is in the same situation as mine, fully breastfed, alert and active as usual, then don't get too panicky.

Try the natural ways first before resorting to using medicine or ointment to force the poop out as it might not help your child next time! (think the dependency towards the medicine and ointment for pooping as in they might end up relying on medicine and ointment to poop next time!)

So have your child ever encountered this before? How long can they go without pooping?

* Update on 4th June 2012: I noticed that when I give my girl banana mashed, she will poop. Do take note of the article I mentioned in my comment section below about bananas (it can help in pooping but it can also cause constipation!)

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Lauren @ Hobo Mama

We had that when my older son was a baby. Even still, he's not a daily pooper. I guess some babies just use all the breastmilk they take in! Smile

MieVee @

I'm no doctor, but have read up quite a bit on constipation and after handling Vee who's prone to it. Once on solids, baby should poop at least once every 1-3 days, whether breastfed or not. Of course, breastfeeding helps. But a breastfed child on solids can still be constipated.

(Without solids, it's normal for breastfed baby to go up to 10 days without poo. And the poo is soft, not hard, so this is not constipation. Both my boys experienced this.)

The pebble-like poo that you described means constipation has happened.

To move the poop along, the body needs fibre, water and oil. Same goes for adults. BUT, too much fibre can lead to constipation because it absorbs the water in the body, and cause hard stools.

Foods that cause constipation:
- Banana (yes, your paed may be incorrect!) - Raw banana may worsen constipation. To ease it, have to STEAM the banana first.
- Applesauce / steamed apples - Apples is opposite. If steamed, may worsen constipation.

Foods that ease constipation:
- prunes: this is the #1 food that works on my boy. 2 small prunes are enough to make him poop. If 1 eat 3 at one go, I get diarrhoea! I buy a small pack of vacuum packed organic prune from JustLife at Gardens or Cold Storage organic section. Healthier than those in tins which may contain preservatives.
- pears, papayas, peaches, plums: coincidentally, all Ps. Can rotate and try to see which works for the child.

Anyway, if Vee doesn't poop after 2 days, I'd try all ways and means to make / bribe him to eat his prunes. Else, he can go up to 4 days without poo and then has to suffer tummy ache.

Oh, and tummy massage works wonders too. Massage from baby's right to left 10 times, then up to down 10 times. Repeat several times a day.

Good luck! Smile

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi MieVee!

Wah, thanks for the long feedback! FYI, my girl is on solids in minimal amount currently (about 1-2 oz per feed, once daily, I'm lucky if she takes the 2nd solids in evening), so most of the time, she's on direct BFing.

My MIL suspected might be because I don't drink enough, so causes my BM to be heaty Tong I don't know ler...

As for the almost 2 weeks without pooping, 3 of those days she's not taking solids cos we went for our short family trip and I forgot to pack her food Tong

Also to answer your opinion on bananas causing constipation, you can read:

Seems like it can help to move the poop along but can also cause constipation... so have to be careful hahaha...

"Do bananas cause constipation?  -Yes, when the bananas eaten are yet green and not ripened. Green unripe bananas contain high amount of starch which is harder to digest. Green bananas can help alleviate diarrhea, in this case.

Do bananas cause constipation? -No, when the bananas eaten are yellow and ripened. Yellow bananas contain fibers and potassium which both help in moving bowels.

Do bananas cause constipation? -Yes, when eaten too much in a day, even those ripened bananas. Too much fiber intake with less fluid in the body may cause the stools to build up leading to constipation.

Do bananas cause constipation? -No, when eaten 1-2 ripened bananas a day while consuming proper amounts of water."

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Lauren!
Thanks for your comment, yes, I read in an article that babies especially breastfed ones may not poop so often and can go up to weeks without pooping as their body could've absorb all the nutrients away hence nothing goes to waste haha..

Joey Psedornna

I understood about ur feeling while awaiting for the poop to come. My baby poop once a week when he was 8 weeks. After consulting our paed, he recommended me to try to put him in the potty or try others way to let him passed motion.
From that on wards, Isaac just poop when we put him in potty. Try this, maybe it works for your girl.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Joey!
Thanks for sharing! I think it works because I read in an article that putting baby's legs up (like in squatting position) help move things along (pretty much same method use when we are giving birth). Good to hear it works out for your boy in terms of potty training too!

MieVee @

As long as the poo is soft, it should be fine. It's the really-hard, small poo that causes baby pain. Baby's body weight is tiny, so the amount of fibre their bodies' can take will be much less than adults. That's why even though Vee loves bananas, I limit him to 1 cos he's so prone to constipation. Ha!

Baby Jae is taking much more solid recently, so I'm so paranoid about constipation. So far, he still isn't having regular output yet. Yah, must be the majority of breastmilk at work. Happy feeding! Smile

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi MieVee!
Ya, I did pressed her poop and it's soft Tong So far, she has yet to finish even half of the small banana given to her Tong I'm also trying to catch up on her pooping schedule. Not regular...

On the other hand, Ben can whacked up to 3 bananas (small ones) at one go if nobody stop him!

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