Pregnancy No-Nos?

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I had a lunch outing recently with my ex-boss (I brought Ben along) and when we were heading back to the office (I decided to wait there while my hubby came over to fetch us home), I carried Ben and my ex-boss has got the horrified look on her face.

Actually I carried Ben cos I don't want to be holding his hand and have him crossing the road with me - I mean, I'd rather carry him and cross the road than risk him slowing me down and causing any accidents... plus it was quite hot outside and I figured it'd be better (and faster) if I carry him.

Anyway, my ex-boss looked so worried seeing me carrying Ben - what more with my pregnancy at this stage and kept asking me and Ben whether she can carry him instead. She tried asking Ben to walk himself too (which he did after some persuasion). So yeah, that got me thinking... am I seriously doing one of those pregnancy no-no thingy?

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Of course, I'm glad that I don't drink alcohol or smoke (hate it!!) or take any drugs (I didn't eve see a doctor when I had  my cough + sorethroat + runny nose + fever bouts few weeks back) or even eat any raw stuff (think sushi).

But, honestly speaking I've done some pretty scary stunts remarkable things during this round of pregnancy such as:

* Karate kick bathroom door cos hubby was stuck inside (I was about 8 months pregnant)

What actually happened was I heard a loud banging sound from the next room (hubby's home office) while I was dry nursing Ben to sleep and after a few more banging sounds, I decided to go check out what the heck is going on with my hubby at such a late hour (almost midnight).

When I went into his office, I couldn't find him anywhere and then another banging sound came again, from his bathroom. I realised then that he was stuck in his bathroom and there's no way he could get himself out without some fancy McGyver gadgets (oh well, I'd be totally freaked out if he can escaped out using some spare rolls of toilet paper or tooth brush or something)

I can't pull open the door and the only way I could help is to help him push the door inwards while he pulls it from his side. I tried using my shoulder to bang at the door, and then realised it'll be better if I just use my leg to kick the door. Yeap, the good ol' karate kick method! Wachh-aaaaaaaaa!!!!

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I mean, I think my legs are stronger than my skeletal hands so, there you go, an 8 months preggy mum raising her right leg over 90 degrees and kicking the door with all her might. It took a few kicks before door finally bulged and I get to see my hubby's relieved face!

* Breastfeeding during pregnancy and still dry nursing as we speak now
I mean I already got some not so encouraging responses for continuing on my breastfeeding with Ben after he turned 2 years old. And what more now when people find out that I am still dry nursing (meaning no breastmilk as my BM stopped production by itself when I was in my 5th month of pregnancy) Ben while I am pregnant - even to this day, they give me weird looks. I don't know what else to say other than I'll let him nurse as long as he wants (it's part of my daily prayer as well)

* Still carrying my almost 13kg toddler around (though not for long period of time)

Like I mentioned in the first few paragraphs, I do still carry Ben around, though not for long period of time, maybe less than 10 minutes the max during each time.

Latest picture of me carrying Ben during our National Zoo outing. Check out my shirt!

I've heard of people telling me I should not carry so heavy things but I don't know, I mean, if you can just look at your child directly into his eyes and still refused to carry him when he's in pain or crying after a fall or hurt or something or after seeing your hubby got so tired carrying your child all day long then I'd think you have got something wrong in your head.... or heart...

* Running with Ben to the bathroom when he says he needs to pee

My regular blog readers will know that I'm in the midst of potty training Ben (peeing part for now) and yes, part of my self-created BE AWESOME potty training approach is to make it exciting and fun. And feeling excited and fun means I drop/stop whatever I'm doing and just RUN to the bathroom with Ben the moment he tells me he needs to pee.

Of course at almost 9 months pregnant now it does get tiring (especially if you got pranked by your mischievous toddler, and yes he does it quite well...) but I think it's worth it. And it's not like I'm running the whole day long...

* Lie down on my front

Surprisingly, just few days ago, I realised I could still lie down on my front. And read an e-book on my iPad. And then I rolled sideways and realised 'Oh crap... I totally forgot about my preggy bump!' Nothing weird happened just in case you are wondering...

* Still trying to squat as much as I can

With that I mean, if I am out and about, I try to go for the squatting type of toilets rather than the sitting down types. I read that squatting helps with contractions during labor, and I did the same thing when I was pregnant with Ben so I'm going to repeat it with this pregnancy, though I do have to be honest that nowadays, there are few times when I am feeling abit difficult to stand back up after squatting and the thoughts of getting stuck squatting does cross my mind when this happen... so, I think I'll be reducing my squatting exercises to home only...

So what about you? Any pregnancy no-nos you've heard of or practised?

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oh let me also story u my latest incident.. i'm waiting hubby to open the car door. while waiting, there's this car pass me by and the tyre rim cover fell off and it comes rolling directly at me! i move over to my right but forgot that the cover is round so it's actually going right too. i got no where to run and got panic i jump over the rolling tyre rim cover. hubby saw me and he laugh terbalik... jumping mama


Love your karate kick wachaaaaa there. Lie on your front?! I don't think I can do that - I'd feel like I was squishing the little fella inside. Nice shirt to go with the animal.


Wah! Very 'keng' la you. Can waachaaaaa. I like that.

I carried my daughter Elizabeth too when I was pregnant with Joseph but like you also only for a while or sometimes I push to daddy..hehe.

Don't think I ran and I didn't lie on my stomach coz too big la tummy.

Oh I did squat though. Can't help it la sometimes our public toilet is not something to shout about.

Catheryn @ PinkBibs

You are one super preggy mom!!

When I was pregnant with Isabelle, I slept late... like 1-2am after watching some series on TV.  Is sleeping late a NO NO for preggy moms?


I didn't follow any "no-no" at all and was still carrying my then 15kg 3yr old while 9mths preggy with Tiger girl. Still had to rush them to the toilet, take care of them solo + work as HB was flying very often.
I did everything you are not suppose to do - cut with scissors/ use the hammer, knifes etc(or else how to cook??), squat up and down, drive car, walk up stairs, run after the kids, take ice-cream, cold drinks  etc etc.
Anyway.. it didn't effect her - not a bit!!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Miki the jumping mama!
Hahaha... natural reflex la! Lucky no leg cramps! Tong

Hey Germaine!
I love the karate kick too, until the next day when I realised my right leg was so tired and then I remembered karate-ing the night before Tong

Hey Carolyn!
Actually nowadays I still prefer to go for squat toilets (even when not pregnant), somehow I feel it's cleaner compared to the sitting types.

Hey Catheryn!
Super scary preggy mom more like it! Tong Ehem, with this Spicy Baby, I'm sleeping at 2-3am leh...

Hey Dominique!
Yeay, I'm like you, anti superstitious things! Tong I could go on and on about all the superstitious things I've heard! Thanks for sharing your experience!


First - LOVE the shirt!!

I failed at quite a few things Smile  I carried Sophie a lot.  I picked up the 30 lb dog food bags at BJS.  I drank caffine. I didn't take my vitamins for 3 months.  I didn't drink OJ.  I did eat fish.

Sigh.  And yet, my girls are okay!!  LOL!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Aurie!
That shirt was a total coincidence! I only realised it after I posted the picture onto my Facebook Tong Thanks for sharing your experience!

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