I've Got Oil Coming Out of My Butt...

~ Posted on Tuesday, June 5, 2012 at 9:35 AM ~

Yes... you read that right. I've got orange-y colored oil coming out of my butt... and I thought I was dying before I found out the cause just few days ago.

I silently went through the thoughts of dying because of this weird oil thingy and I dare not tell anyone until I gathered enough courage to Google this condition. I mean, would you go around telling people you are leaking orange oil from your butt?

So you have no idea how I relieved I was that it's not just me (who's dying) with this condition... in fact, one post I read has close to 400 comments where most of the people who feedback said they too have experienced the exact same thing! (and also thought they were dying!)


I have thought about whether I should write this post as you can see, the title itself is already gross enough. TMI (too much info) right?

But then, I thought people need to know the cause of this. And I think by writing this post, hopefully I'm cutting short the time you might waste worrying yourself to death thinking you are so going to die because of this orange-y oil coming out of your arse!

Now, let me tell you what happened...

One fine day, I was just doing my own stuff and I farted, few times (snort all you want, everyone farts, at least I dare to admit it!). I did not think much about it other than my body's natural function to expel gasses that are byproducts of my body's digestion process.

Few hours later, I went to the toilet and that's when I saw my pantyliner streaked with orange-y oil stains. Firstly, I am too busy with my SAHM life to be looking at what comes out of my privates all the time, so forgive me when I say I only noticed this few hours later. Secondly, yes again, gross it may be, but I think it's not just me who do look at what comes out of our body? Right?

So anyway, I freaked out of course. How can a human being excrete OIL from her body? And orange-y colored oil too! And don't get me started on the yucky smell... Bleurghhh...

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As I sat there on the toilet seat, I remembered back having experienced this over a decade ago. Exactly the same orange-y colored oil coming out of my butt. But it went off and I forgot about it... until now...

What went on my mind at that time? It goes from:

'Oh crap, my digestion system is going bonkers... I can't even digest fat and oil from my body that they all decide to flow out by itself!'


'What next? Blood?!'

Anyway, I kept this 'discovery' to myself, telling myself I seriously need to Google this out when I've got the time to do so later. And that's when I stumbled upon the article and finally unlocking the mystery.

Apparently, this condition is called "Keriorrhea". According to Wikipedia, "Keriorrhea (oily diarrhea, oily orange diarrhea, anal leakage, orange oily leakage) is greasy, orange-colored stools which results from the consumption of indigestible wax esters found in oil fish and escolar." Am I grossing you out already?

Now the next thing is figuring out what I had that causes that... it took me a while but i finally remembered i had this on last Friday (2 days before the oil discovery).


This my friends, is "Smoothies-Fruities Fish" or pan-fried butter fish infused with passion berries fruit and sun-dried tomato. This dish is one of the many dishes on Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe menu, one of the hip restaurants here in Malaysia.

Butter fish.

A type of fish species called escolar. You can read more about it's effect and even being banned in Italy and Japan in the Wikipedia article.

So back to my purpose of writing this post despite publicly embarrassing myself by letting the world know that I farted, admitted it, look at what came out of my butt and then blogged about it. Please note that I am not condemning the restaurant or blacklisting it. I blogged about it because I care enough not to see this happens to any of you.

I'm still having the orange-y oil leak on and off.... Now if I were you, after reading this post, please stay clear of Escolar type of fish. You really don't want to be excreting orange-y oil from your arse. It's not a fun thing to experience and it's downright gross and yucky.

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This was a very informative post and one that i am sure at some time i will be able to refer to.  I hope not but im sureI will be telling one of my children (This would never happen to me ;) that  the orange skid marks in their shorts is caused from fish, more specifically Escolar.   You are a brave woman!


Oh dear. I hope it stopped already. It sure is freaky right? I've never experience is before but reading it already freaking me out. This fish should be ban. I hope Fullhouse will do it.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Jenn!
Thank you, glad this post helps you!

Hey Carolyn!
The fish was banned in Italy and Japan!!!! You read the Wikipedia article!

lisa l

tmi my dear especially in the subject title of emails...wth

Tracey Taylor

cashews can also cause this if you havent eaten butterfish.I had the same problem a while back and knew it wasnt butterfish because I had NEVER eaten it ever.the culprit was cashews.something in the natural oils in them causes this I learned that from trial and error lol by eliminating  them for awhile and then eating them again and yep, the next day the orange oil slick was back. so now I try to avoid them the best I can.
It also can mean that you are not digesting fats and they are coming out the other end.(people with high cholesterol can have this problem)

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Lisa L,
Whoopss... sorry for the gross title ;P

Hi Tracey!
Thanks for sharing this!

leah stobe

ha!! thanks for sharing

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Leah!
Thank you, glad this post helps you!


That sounds freaky! Only you got it or your family members as well?

Just wonder do you place panty liners daily? Or you had your menstrual already? I'm still breastfeeding on my gal and I do hope I'm not getting back my menstrual yet!
Anyway I heard its not so good to put panty liners everyday. Reason is that there's some chemical on them which is not so good for us? I'm not sure about it too. But then, I'm using panty liners as replacement for breast pads. So much cheaper!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Jani!
So far, only me I guess... but upon googling for this condition, I realised a lot of ppl get it when they eat escolar type of fish!

To the topic of pantyliners, yes, I wear it daily and nope, no menstrual yet hahaha... 9 months and counting! With my 1st kid, I did not have my menses over a year! (or 25 months if you can count from the time I started to get pregnant with 1st child hahaha)

Hah, wear everyday not good ar? Aiyo I didn't know about that! As for breast pads, nope, not wearing any after 1st week of giving birth since breastfeeding regulated well no leakage hahaha.. Smile


Hi... yep happened to me before.. that damn Fullhouse dish... Escolar.. Infused with sweet berries and stuff. I seriously thought I was dying as well... Lasted for few days. Geez...


my leaking was pretty bad. Even at night I had to wake up and pump for the first two weeks. Otherwise my pillow and mattress would be soaked with the milk. LOL~ now of course its much better but as I feed on one side the other side would be leaking still, so have to put on everyday!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi LonTugi!
Sigh... I love eating fish! Now must check properly before simply eating! I see the word 'butterfish' I scared liao now! But thank God, now I know about this thing! Thanks for sharing your experience! Glad to know there's another person who had the same dish kena like me Tong

Hey Jani!
After your breastmilk stabilises, will be OK. I took about 1 month then no more needing to pad the breasts for milk leakage haha.. Good luck to you!


I've been breastfeeding for almost 8 months already lor... Still leaking ler. Just that when I go to work, sometimes I forgot to put the panty liner and it didn't leak at all. But when it comes to feeding my gal sure got leaking lor.


clairedaraledda says:

i do experience that up to now i ate fish 3 days ago and yesterday i notice that i felt i have menstration but when i look i saw in my butt oily yellow smelly.We bought the fish the vendor said that its blue marlin strange because its white meaty fish i guess they call escolar.[quote][/quote]

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi claire!
Thanks for sharing your experience! I hope yours go away soon!


very informative , have never heard of such a thing.

Jessie Hay

My poor son had the same thing while he was being treated with laxatives for chronic constipation- only it went on for years. It's horrible!


Hello fulltime Mum! Ive got a lot of blogs that show the same conditions. The site istorya.net says the symptoms point to what is called steattorhea. You say its keriorrhe, anyway they may be related. Istorya.nets' dark spawn says, "There is nothing to be alarmed about this unusual discharge, there are several fish which some people are not accustomed in eating so their body are not also used to the excess oil it contains. This is a normal reaction to our body to food that contains alot of oil. Oil in a fish are very rich in Omega 3 and are actually helpful to our body. But if taken in excess it wil surely flush or remove it via the easiest passage and that is the GIT.Unless it will go out in another outlet let say through your urine now you can say this is serious stuff and you need medical help right away. My advice is if you do not want to have this unusual discharge and still want to eat marlin fish try to eat food very high in fiber so that it may absorb some of the excess oil that the body doesn't need. Or if it's okay for you not to eat it or the 'escolar' type,then try to look for another kind of fish.


To add I would like to tell you that I experienced the same 'ouput' symptoms. The oily orange colored discharge flotsam sent me into a 140/100 BP, with me wondering if my bile duct was malfunctioning. I frequently booze and thoughts of gastric ulcer, kidney & liver failure added to the fear. But thanks to your blog & others, the mystery has been solved. The marlin can give you the blues.

Miss Yau

Same thing happened to me. I had this smoothie fish from full house too. Please try to avoid this menu item.


Thank you very much for this post!!
At least I know I'm not dying! :p  
I just remembered that I had some kind of fish a couple of days ago.
There is a difference between Keriorrhea and Steattorhea, and I think Keriorrhea is the one.
Will see how it goes and if persist will see the doctor.

But I can breathe easy now, thanks again!

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