Opportunities to Learn is Everywhere...

~ Posted on Friday, July 13, 2012 at 8:18 AM ~

SInce middle of April this year, I have started doing daily activities like crafts, coloring, cutting, drawing etc on top of my teaching my 3 years old boy.

IMHO, you don't need to follow a lesson plan just so you can teach your child. Of course having activities books like crafts, coloring, cutting, drawing are awesome, but my point is other than following what is in these books, we can also apply and show examples from our surroundings and environment.

As a SAHM, I try to teach and explain whatever I can to my kids. OK, at the moment, although both my kids listen to me, only my 3 years old boy understand what I say to him and maybe I think ocassionally, my 10 months old girl might kinda understand what I'm saying hahaha...

Anyway, like I mentioned earlier, I teach and explain whenever the opportunities arises.

It could be just the 3 of us (hubby at work) hanging out at our balcony and I will go telling my boy the vehicles that passes by in front of our house (we live in front of a highway though it was barricaded with a sound-proof wall, we still can see the top of most vehicles passing through).

I started doing that since Benjamin could stand by himself and today, he will just tell me 'Look mummy! That's a bus' or he will go 'Lorry', 'Long green lorry', 'Siren sound from the ambulance', '2 busses' so on and so forth.

Or we could be playing in the water pool at our balcony and I will go teaching him about shapes and colors of his toys, to share his toys with his baby sister, to clean up the toys and help me wash up the balcony after playing, etc etc.

Ben learning even while bathing!

The learning just never stops.

For me, as long as you are creative,

EVERYTHING and ANYTHING can be a learning tool.

A conversation piece. Something to teach your child. An opportunity to bond and share and see the knowledge being absorbed by a young child's mind. You can teach them about:

* Types of vehicles,

*  Buildings, ("That is a school")

* Shapes, ("Look at that building, it looks like a circle shape right?")

* Sizes and comparison (short, shorter, shortest), ("That building is taller than this building")

* Colors,

* Sounds,

* Locations ("See the bird is ON the tree" or "The cat is under the tree")

* Counting ("How many lorries can you see?")

Ben counting!

* Parts ("Check out that tree in front of us! Look at the color of the flowers, the branch, the bark..."),

* Occupation ("Look Ben! That is a postman, just like Postman Pat, he delivers letters and packages to us!"),

* Usage, ("Do you know why trees and plants have roots? Unlike us, we have legs to stand and move around, but trees and plants do not have legs, so they depend on their roots to stand firm and not tumble down easily...")

* Cause and effect ("Why is there siren sound coming from the fire engine? It's because the firemen are rushing to a place to help put out the fire, so do not play with fire", etc etc)

and many, many, many, MANY MORE!!!

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Wonderful sharing~~


I do find a little difficulty since my vocab is so poor. Really need to brush up before becoming dumb mommy!
By home schooling meaning you'll send to kindergarten or directly to primary school?

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi minyi!
Smile Hope you enjoy this post!

Hi Jani!
By homeschooling means, you teach your child yourself at home. Not following the syllabus at schools, not rushing to teach, homeschooling is letting your child learn and discover themselves (of course you need to be there to guide and help along) and let them learn based on their interests.


Loved this post! Great reminder that most any activity can be made a learning experience if you just try. My son loves water play right now, too! It is fun to watch them learn while playing.


Do you mean you're not going to send him to kintergarden?
but definitely will send to primary school right?
reading a lot on the 'schooling' nowadays that young kids need to study and write at age 3 or 4. poor children.....

Miki Chua

i always tot home schooling is that i need to follow certain syllabus like school.. glad that you you told me Smile means i'm accidentally home-schooling too!

there's once my son took out the wheels of his car and press it a little and he told me it is "oval"... then he put at his eyes, and he told me "owl eyes" - creative?

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Marthalynn!
Thanks for your comment! Yes, even playing in water can be an opportunity to teach them too!

Hi Jani!
Kindergarten ar? Don't know yet, Ben is just 3 yrs old wo... a bit sad to send him off to school so early Tong what more primary and all, too far ahead to worry for now Tong

Hey Miki!
Yes, as long as you even teach them ABC, 123, sing Doremi, that's homeschooling liao!! Jboy so creative hah! Smile


Then you must be against the government's proposal to send kids to primary one at 5! I'm totally against it! To think our kids have to suffer for that young age to write, spell, and not playing and enjoying life, yeer sucks. Frown

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Jani!
Huh? Never read of this news! Got link to share with me?

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