I Was The Person Being Admired....

~ Posted on Tuesday, July 24, 2012 at 1:06 AM ~

I just came across an old post of mine, written almost 2 years ago on how I was the subject of an essay written by my hubby's niece. To be exact, I was the person she admired! Oh wow!

You see what happened was, 2 years ago, we've been having our then 11 year old niece (her name is Bonnie) over at our place after school where she normally plays with my then 1 year old Ben or just relaxing until her father picks her up in the evening.

So about a week into that, she brought along her homework, which is to write a short essay about the person she admires and after deciding between hubby and I, she decided to settle on me! Since I'm practically at home and easy for her to refer and ask questions to, we went ahead with her idea and I helped her along by giving her  more details about myself, such as my age, why I'm a SAHM now and am taking care of Ben full-time.

She wrote the rest of the essay and when she's done, I asked her whether I could read it. I also couldn't resist taking pictures of her essays cos it's the only proof I'm going to have that I am the person she admires since she will need to hand in her homework!

The most gentle person she knows? Me?!! Awwwwwww...

And honestly though it may feel like it's one of those Best Custom Essay ever written (since I helped giving some input about my details to her), it's so nice reading something that other people wrote about you. And particularly since it came from a child as children don't lie and what comes out of their mouth is total innocence and has no ulterior motives or whatsoever.

What a nice little trip down the memory lane and a little something to perk me up!

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