The 5 Ds to Remember If You Plan to Breastfeed Your Baby...

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I just had this idea the other night and told myself I must write this down. In case you don't know, I am quite crazy with coining words and keywords (check out my 'BE AWESOME' approach in potty training my boy) so when I thought of these few words that started with the letter D and then I make the connections for these words to be applied and practiced by new mums (or mums-to-be) who wants to embark (or just step) into breastfeeding journey, I think this is a cool idea!

These are the few tips that I always shared with mums-to-be who asked me questions on breastfeeding previously. Anyway, here you go:



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You must be determined to make it work! I wrote about my tips on how I make my breastfeeding works and I think this is the 1st important step to making your breastfeeding journey smooth!

If you are not determined to make it work, no matter how good your breast pump or how awesome your baby latches on successfully, it will not last! So remember to be determined and focus on the goal to make breastfeeding works for you and baby!



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During the first month (at least), just focus on direct latching and nursing your baby.

DO NOT express or pump yet until you are about 2 weeks into finishing your maternity leave. (In Malaysia, most working mums get 2 months maternity leave) Some mums in a breastfeeding group I joined are too concerned with the amount of breastmilk they can pump out or the amount of breastmilk their baby is taking and I always feel that this are unnecessary worries that the new mums put onto themselves!

By direct feeding your baby, it will constantly send signals to your brain that "Baby still needs loads and loads of breastmilk! Continue producing!"



Again, during the first month (at least), just feed your baby on demand. Whenever baby is hungry or is fussy or just need comfort, just feed! Don't be tied up or stressed out with following schedules or timetable.

I repeat again, by demand feeding your baby, it will constantly send signals to your brain that "Baby still needs loads and loads of breastmilk! Continue producing!"



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OK, Chinese folks will frown at this tip as we have this superstitious beliefs that new mums in confinement period (usually 30 days) must not drink plain water. They have herb drinks to replace plain water during the 30 days. Now I am not into superstitions thinking so other than the occassional red dates drink during my confinement, I drink loads of plain water to hydrate myself.

I always tell new mums or mums-to-be who are concerned with superstitious thinking like this to think how our Western mums do? They will drink water of course!



I started dreamfeeding my 1st child in the 1st week. Too tired to get up every 1-2 hours, bending over and carried him from his crib which is right next to our bed, nursed him then put him back in his crib. It is simply too tiring. One time I was too tired to wake up and just continued nursing my baby even while he was asleep. I finally found out this is called dreamfeeding and it was this that started our co-sleeping method. This method works for us and we are still doing so with our 2nd child.


The benefits of breastfeeding is so much more greater and advantageous both for you and your baby, not to mention your hubby's wallet too! Think of how much you saved by not needing to buy formula milk, bottles, steriliser, etc etc. 

Happy breastfeeding!

** P.S: Feel free to leave your comment if you have any questions to ask me!

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I love breastfeeding! But as she's teething now I'm havign big trouble! She'll not bite when she's awake but as she fall asleep (I always nurse her to sleep) she'll be biting! I can't be possible to wake her up and if I pull out nipple its damn painful. T.T~~

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Gently put your lil' finger to her mouth and take out your nipple when she's asleep la Smile


She's suckling for long long time and not willing to let go. will be biting even harder when I'm trying to take out. Frown but it's not happening all the time. Most of the time she'll let go when I put her down.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hmmm.. seems like she's taking your nipple as pacifier Tong Good to hear it doesn't happen often!


Do you take tea, coffee spicy food, or any food that ppl said would cause babies to be restless, fussy or not willing to sleep? my gal has been getting lesser and lesser sleeps and I wonder if it has something to do with food I take. I heard too chocolate is not suitable to be taken as it'll make your baby a little hyper.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

I take spicy food, chocolates, not sure what other foods that cause fussiness Tong

Hyper can be caused by sugary stuff, not just chocolates Smile


she gave me a real hard bite when I was getting ready to nurse her.. I know she didn't mean it but it really hurts. ;(
caused two holes and bleeding! should I be glad that she only got two teeth at the moment. ouch....

Caitlin McClure

Caitlin McClure says:

I'm due in around 50 days with my first and definitely plan to breastfeed, so this is helpful, thanks!


I love this post so much!  And I agreed with you 100% in all the D's especially the first one.  

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Caitlin!
Hope all is well with your pregnancy and birth! All the best to you!

Hi Kitty!
Glad you like this post!


my due date is on coming Aug and I am a full time mummy too.. plan to bf my newborn.. do i just need to dl from the start or i should prepare pump & bottles just in case? i heard alot baby will reject dl once introduce bottle

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Joyce!
Congrats! If you are going to be a full-time mum at home, I would totally suggest you DL all the way, express when you have excess and keep for emergency. But I don't express since I quit my job when my 1st child turned 3 mths old.

Please focus on DL and feeding on demand especially in the 1st month so you can establish a usual feeding routine and build up your milk supply. Pumping and giving bottles will make baby confused as bottle teats usually have bigger holes and after you switched to feed directly, baby will find it harder to get your milk since they have to work to suckle it, hence a lot of them refusing DL once they are hooked on bottles.


thanks for your reply. when u say u don't express what will you do if baby cant empty the breast?

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Joyce!
If baby can't empty the breast, then you can express and store. But don't make it a habit to express unless absolutely necessary. If you are returning back to work, then you can start pumping and storing about 2 weeks before maternity leave ends. So far, I have no issues with my kiddos not able to empty my breasts, normally I feed 1 side, then offer the other side if they are done, else just note to offer the other side for next feed. And I feed on demand, the moment they fuss, I feed so there's no chance for breasts to be engorged Tong

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