Mastering Her Finger Skills...

~ Posted on Thursday, July 26, 2012 at 7:24 AM ~

My 10 months old has been perfecting her finger skills! Ever since I get to review the Happy Baby Organic Puffs Sweet Potato with her, I noticed her finger skills improved tremendously!

Somehow I can't recall at what month Benjamin started being good at picking food and self-feeding himself but it is nice seeing Alyson happily picking along the food and stuffing it carefully into her tiny mouth!


Also want to share a little observation we made on our 10 months old girl. She can actually shakes her head, shrugging herself away when she's done with her food, drinks or medicine. I started noticing this as few days ago, she had fever and I had to give her medicine every 4 hours and you can actually see her shaking her head while looking away not wanting to have anything to do with the medicine anymore! But if you pass her other things like her favorite puffs, she will happily open mouth to eat it!

Again, can't recall my boy doing this! Sigh... I've got memory problems, so better blog this down while I remembers all this milestones of my children!

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