Survival Kit Birthday Present For My Hubby

~ Posted on Tuesday, July 31, 2012 at 7:30 AM ~

Yes! After weeks of researching for the best survival kit, and then having to hide sheepishly when googling for the best buys scared that my hubby finds out what I was doing, then have to compare which one has the best price (as I'm using my own sweat and blood money to buy it), then taking the leap to purchase from eBay (been years since I last shopped on eBay!) and not to mention having to strain my neck everyday watching out for the postman to see whether the package arrives safely...

So finally, 4 days before today 31st July 2012, the package arrives!

Survival Kit

Survival kit that I got for my hubby (pouch C)

Survival Kit

Survival Kit

The contents in the pouch...

So glad to say my hard work pays off!

Btw, I also got hubby a set of cupcakes with the cute Doraemon (robot cat comic character from Japan)

Happy birthday to my dearest hubby!

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Sarah Anderson

Well done with all your researching - the present looks brilliant!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Thank you Sarah for your comments!

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