Journey into Babywearing...

~ Posted on Wednesday, August 15, 2012 at 8:16 AM ~

8th August 2012 marks the day I babywear my 11 months old girl.

We have a baby sling given by someone when Ben was 1 month old but it was kept in the storeroom and I couldn't find it anymore! So decided to buy this very cheap baby sling instead (it's only RM36 ~ about USD12) and I like that it's small when you fold it back up (easy to bring along!) and that it can be adjusted accordingly (though I didn't adjust it at all!), I also love the color (I chose it myself!) as I'm trying not to get those fancy smancy flowery design, so yeah, I like what I bought :)

I'm still getting used to the baby sling. Not easy to put in my girl into the sling, but I think with practise, it'll be better over time.

Baby Sling

Baby Sling

So what do you think? Drop me a comment if you want to know where to get this in Malaysia!

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Ee Wen

I am using something similar with both my kids just that it's not adjustable. Like what you said, it's very convenient to bring along during outings.


Hi, can you let me know where to get this sling? I'm currently using those normal baby carrier that similar to this kind of sling that you are using. But I doubt yours will be more comfortable.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Ee Wen!
Yeah, I got this because it has the adjustable feature but so far I have not even adjust anything! Tong

Hi Mandy!
You can check out the site below:


Hi, I have a sarong type sling but don't like it as hard to use and can't carry for long period. How's your sling? Can you carry your girl for long period? Is the sling easy to use? How to use? Hope you can share more details with me as I'm have an 8mths old bb and looking for a easy carry sling now. Thanks.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Lisa!
You're welcome! Thanks for your prompt customer service! Good stuff I will surely share! ;)

Hi Winnie!
Thanks for your comments! My sling is OK lo, so far the longest I carried my girl in it was almost an hour, it is tiring for me cause I also have to lug my very heavy diaper bag as well (hubby was at another place shopping and my boy insists to stick with me and all the water bottles, diapers etc are in the bag so I have to lug it along). Without the diaper bag, the longest I carried my girl in it was half an hour, OK, comfy and I can do a lot of things when she's in the sling hahaha... just she is very curious keep turning around wants to see what mummy washing, cooking etc. You can go to the link (I shared in the comments above) and see the diagram how to wear it ya! Smile

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