My First Supernatural Encounter...

~ Posted on Thursday, August 30, 2012 at 8:33 AM ~

About 2 years ago when my 1st child, Benjamin was about 1 year old, we went to Genting Highlands with hubby's second brother and his family. All in total, my brother in law (Daniel), his wife (Phyllis) and their then 5 years old son (Isaac) and my hubby, myself and my dear boy. We stayed in the same room (it was a 2 day 1 night outing) where the 2 queen beds are pushed together and occupied by the kids and us women while hubby and his brother slept on the spare bed in the living room.

Us mothers and kids retreated to bed earlier while the men continued chatting and watching TV outside. The bedroom area has a sliding door and wooden windows which we closed off to minimise the noise outside. Soon enough both kids (sleeping in the middle of the 2 beds) doze off and after a while, the men slept too.

Suddenly Isaac started screaming and crying. His eyes were close initially and I could see Phyllis hurriedly calmed him down and I too immediately nursed Ben to sleep before he woke up. Phyllis then passed Isaac to his dad and he slept peacefully after that while she continued to sleep on our shared beds.

A few minutes after that, it was Ben's turn to cry and cry and cry. I was feeling uneasy at this point and my first priority was to make sure Ben quiet down and stop crying so that he does not wake the rest up. I just kept nursing Ben back to sleep, praying in my heart and within few minutes, Ben's crying stopped and he continued his sleep.

I was about to rest my mind and all of a sudden I felt a tight grip on my throat. I can't talk or move at all.

At this point, I know there is a ghost in our room and it is the thing that is disturbing the kids and now me...

I immediately prayed in my head and kept thinking and telling myself "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus". I also said in my mind "I am not afraid of you. My God is bigger than you, you should be afraid of us than us of you. In the name of Jesus, I command you to go away and stop disturbing us!"

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And I felt the grip on my throat loosened immediately. I remained there on my bed, not moving, trying to remain calm as well and then I heard a sound...

'Urghhh!!!' - a frustrated grunt sound right outside our bedroom area.

I think the ghost was angry that it failed to disturb us.

Well, there you have it, my first supernatural encounter. Hope I didn't bring you chills or anything. Just want to share that ever since I became a Christian and got baptised in 2006, I do not believe in being afraid of supernatural beings. Yes, I think they do exists (more like the devils and evil spirits actually) but they are not able to cause us harm as long as we believe God is protecting us and we are covered in His protection and blessings.

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lisa lo

The name above all names, every knee shall bow !!  :o)  Jesus

Crystal Renee

I don't know what to think of this.

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