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This post is another rant since I have read and heard and personally experienced myself how some mums-to-be saying and telling people (including me) how they are determined to breastfeed their baby after the baby is born and then end up... failing to do so... granted, they do give it a try but what I feel is they gave up too easily. And that makes me mad. That pissed me off.

Maybe you think I shouldn't be hard on these people, after all they did gave it a try.

I used to think that but when I think again, that pisses me off more.

Determination to breastfeed is when your one and only option is to breastfeed.

Nothing else.

No backup can of formula powder in your kitchen cabinet for those 'just-in-case' moments.

No excuses that breastmilk is not enough and you need to top-up because baby is crying.

No excuses that people around you are pressuring and saying your breastmilk is not enough.

No excuses that baby is having jaundice (be it high level or prolonged) that's why you need to stop breastfeeding.

No, no, no, no.

Determination to breastfeed means you do enough homework and research while you are pregnant on what to expect, good and bad, issues that are affecting nursing mums, all things breastmilk related, etc etc.

Determination to breastfeed means you and your spouse team up and inform first hand to your family members, relatives and friends that you guys are determined to breastfeed no matter what.

Determination to breastfeed means you will not be swayed or affected by people around you.

Determination to breastfeed means you have enough faith in yourself, your body and your baby that the milk will come eventually (yes, it will!)

Determination to breastfeed means you are confident with what you have researched and find out from other nursing mums who have experienced the same thing you are facing and stood firm with your decision and not be influenced to do likewise even though the advice can come from doctors or health professionals.

Failure to do any of the above and end up resorting to formula milk does not make you a person who is determined to breastfeed your child.

Sorry for saying this, but no giving up without fighting to your last drop of breastmilk.

Otherwise, I don't think you should be proud at telling people you are 'determined' to breastfeed your child.

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I absolutely agree with you.  Determination is the only word for breastfeeding.  Where there is a will, there is a way (hope the saying is correct Tong).  I personally have encountered a lot of issues when I first started my breastfeeding journey after reading your post now it makes me realized that it was only determination that makes me go on and nothing else.  I am glad that I had a wonderful breastfeeding journey.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Kitty!
Thanks for sharing your experience and glad to know you shared the same sentiments like me! Smile

Sylvia Ortiz

Although I HIGHLY commend each and every one of you who were successful at breastfeeding, I do not agree with "bantering" those who weren't. I myself, breastfed my oldest son (now 26) until he was six months old - I then had to return to work. He did indeed look quite healthy and robust at that time too. But when my two other children were born, I was a young (25 year-old) single mother who was the sole provider for all three of my children. So I immediately returned back to work after my maternity-leave was up - and therefore, chose the option to bottle-fed them both.
I can say, however, that my two youngest children have 20-20 vision, have great teeth, thick healthy hair, are tall, and have great immune systems (were never hospitalized).
My oldest son though, has poor eyesight, problem teeth, a weak immune system & upper respiratory problems that are triggered by his allergies, and is shorter than his younger siblings. And just last month, a cancerous tumor was found in his lower back - but thank God the doctors were able to surgically remove it and after two more surgeries, he received a clean bill of health (no radiation was needed).
  I am not suggesting that "breastfed" children are less healthy (by no means at all), as EACH AND EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT, and their outcome - whether BREASTFED or BOTTLE-FED - develop in their own individual way.
I just wanted to express my "motherhood" experience with breastfeeding & bottle-feeding. Every Mother does their "best" in raising and nurturing their children; and for that, should be "highly commended" for all their efforts & strengths.
I am very proud of the three beautiful and outstanding children I have raised who are now successful adults; with my two sons (both getting married last year) are currently serving in the ARMY (with one in Afghanistan) and the oldest one in NC. My oldest son also blessed me with my first grandson last year; and my beautiful daughter got her first job, immediately after graduating and has maintained her employment with going on two years now, with her transportation being either the bus or riding her bike, to work everyday.
I was very fortunate to have been employed when my oldest was six-months old and was able to keep the same job until my youngest turned 18. Then was laid off due to the bad economy (and still, after almost five years, am still unable to gain employment). I am fortunate though, to have a motivated husband (unemployed as well) who ensures that we always have a roof over our head and food on the table. My daughter has also been such a wonderful help providing her assistance as much as she can (with a little above minimum wage salary).

My apologies for getting ahead of myself with the extra details of my family.... my "mothering" for 26 years gets the best of me with sheer satisfaction and the utmost pride!

I sincerely hope that I have not offended you or anyone reading this post as it was not my intention to do so.

Wishing all the great Moms out there (and Dad too) a Wonderful Weekend!!

God Bless!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Sylvia!
Thanks for your feedback and sharing of your experience! I'm in no way bantering mums who cannot breastfeed, don't get me wrong! My objective of this post is so that mums-to-be will be totally determined to breastfeed when they themselves declared and announced to people around that they are determined to breastfeed. I was and am still disappointed with some of the new mums I know that told me this and then gave up on breastfeeding so easily. They are not walking their talk and it is heart wrenching to see their baby losing out on this goodness just because their mums are not strong willed enough.

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