Children Crafts - Christmas Tree

~ Posted on Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 7:38 AM ~

Sharing some pictures taken about 2 weeks back when we did some crafts work to get into Christmas mood hahaha... I had previously blogged about my kiddos making the snowman craft.

Now what happened during this craft activity was pretty impromptu. I took a green colored A4 paper, folded it into half and cut it into 2. From each of the half, I folded into a triangle shape and cut it accordingly so that when I opened them, it looks like a tree. Initially  I thought of getting my kids to doodle and draw on their Christmas tree.

I gave my kids some color pencil and my 3.5 years old boy started drawing circles around his Christmas tree telling me they are balls (ornaments) while my 15 months old girl just doodled happily. And then she started biting her color pencil lead. That's when I stopped the color pencil session and changed it into sticker session. Gave my kids a bunch of stickers and let them stick all they want. I finished off their trees by taping an ice cream stick at the back of their trees.

Christmas Tree

And their artwork here... tadaaaaaa!! Alyson's artwork on the right while Benjamin's on the left. I like them both! I like that my boy drew circles on his tree to represents the ornaments. It's not easy telling my boy to draw circles actually - not that he doesn't know but more like he doesn't want to.

One surprising observation I noted with my girl is she likes to stack all her stickers. I found her sticking one after another round stickers on top of each other. You wouldn't see it on her craftwork as it is quite thick that I peeled them off :P

Anyway, the objective of this craft session is to get them to familiarise with decorating Christmas tree and to let them use their imagination on how they want their tree to look like.

Christmas Tree

That's all the updates I can share for now, feel free to ask and share if you have feedback!

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oh.. I have never been into craft, and guess my girl too.. need to start doing this real soon.. Laughing

Stephanie Larison

Stephanie Larison says:

This is really cute, going to have to remember this for next year.

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