Fifteen Years...

~ Posted on Friday, March 1, 2013 at 12:08 AM ~

That is how long it has been since I started going out with my hubby!

We started dating on 1st March 1998, finally got married on 7th Nov 2007 and yup... 15 long long years...

To think that it all started with a small little posting in the friendship section in Galaxie magazine. I had earlier sent in a cute little posting about myself, looking for penpal and the ad was only posted 6 months after that and it was the first magazine issue that hubby happened to buy and my cute little 'Moshi, moshi!' tagline caught his attention, he wrote it (OK, he typed, photocopied tons of copies and sent out to several others) and despite me seeing him NOT even signing off his letter (and obviously he just photocopied it), I wrote back because I am nice (hahaha)

Anyway, the rest is history, a 15 long years history too. 15 years....

Here's wishing my relationship with my hubby as long lasting as possible and blessed with God's protection and love and that our children will grow up to emulate us and stay in a healthy long relationship too...

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congrates u two old couple!

Katherine G

That is awesome!!! Congratulations!!!


15 awesome years for an awesome couple. Congrats!

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