Lessons From a 4 Years Old Boy and His Lego...

~ Posted on Friday, June 21, 2013 at 9:23 AM ~

I'm writing this post to share with you a valuable lesson I learned few days back from my 4 years old boy and his Lego...

The initial shocked + speechless + gobsmacked moment when I discovered him dismantling EVERYTHING in his Lego fire station set which his daddy took a couple of hours to set up for him before his 4th birthday 3.5 months ago.

** Picture above taken 2 days after Benjamin's 4th birthday right after he woke up and saw the fire station Lego set that daddy spent hours the night before setting it up for his birthday surprise!


Why my reactions such way? My boy is a perfectionist and will throw tantrums the moment even the slightest Lego bricks are misplaced or put in wrong directions. He remembers EVERYTHING clearly and the Lego set has been on his play table since then with him playing with it almost on daily basis, on top of him using the free Lego bricks for his own creations and such.

When my hubby came into our room, I told him what happened, to brace himself for what's to come and wished him all the best should our boy decides to have his Lego fire station set in the same settings again.

Hubby in return asked me whether Benjamin dismantled everything by himself. I said 'Yes, he said there's a fire in his fire station and hence he took out EVERYTHING'.

Hubby said 'That's a good sign. It meant he is finally confident enough to let go of the Lego set and ready for new creations!'

Oh wow! After a couple of seconds and thinking, I realised hubby is right.

My boy is ready for bigger things now!

The fact that our 4 years old boy is willing to destroy his precious fire station set and not even throwing any fit at all... just amazing... and to think the countless threats I used to give hubby to super glue his fire station set because I couldn't stand the tantrums thrown by our boy whenever any of the Lego bricks in the fire station set dropped out or misaligned themselves and to see this happening in total peace and serenity and calmness displayed by our boy... again, simply amazing!

** Picture above taken few months back showing Benjamin focused on making his Lego creations...

Thank you for teaching mummy this important lesson, to let go and embrace new challenges!

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Miki Chua

bravo ben! hopefully one day jboy will be like tat Smile

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Miki!
Don't worry, J & M will be like that Smile


Way to go! Hope he builds endless fun creations Smile

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