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It was such a weird twist of events that lead to my latest product review today. I happened to see one of the brands I reviewed for recently posting a link on their Facebook page for being a part of Modbox's January subscription box and being curious as ever, I decided to check out what is this Modbox thingy...

I'm a full-time mummy


Description from the product page:
"Modbox is a Malaysian beauty box subscription service, born out of us being too caught up with work/life to indulge in our addiction for beauty. After spending too much time sifting through tonnes of reviews online and having to hunt down these products, we realised that it really shouldn’t be so difficult!

The concept is simple — discover and try out awesome new stuff in a way that’s both convenient and affordable. Ultimately, we just want to help you change up your beauty routine and spice up your usual colour palette, all without you having to work too hard to find out what really works for you."

I'm a full-time mummy

Firstly, I am not a fan of beauty products as I always have the perception that there is simply just too many products and brands out there and how the heck am I supposed to figure out which one works best for me? Plus, being a frugal person, I never really buy beauty products especially now that I am a SAHM and there is not much opportunities for me to go out anyway. I don't even wear make up when I was working last time, let alone now! But of course, deep down inside, I do want to look good and on the ocassions that I am out in public, I do want to look presentable and pleasant to look at. 

So I was happy to come across this brand where I get to pay a small amount of money to have 5 beauty sample products delivered right up to my door and I get to try them out without having to risk wasting too much money buying the actual size products and end up not liking it.

To be honest, I was actually a click away from subscribing the February box when I thought to myself 'Why not email to ask them whether I can review this? I mean, no harm if they say no... I am going to subscribe anyway...' and so, with a slight tinge of shame, I proceeded to make use of my blogger status to ask Modbox whether there is any possibilities for me to review their products before I subscribe, I got a reply from them and apparently they are aware of my website and happy to work with me and the rest is history...

I received the February box delivered right to my doorstep and this is how they looked like the moment I tore off the bubble wrap:


A beautiful and sturdy lilac colored box with the word 'Modbox' on the front cover greets me after I tore away the bubble wrappings. Inside the box, I found a handwritten personalised note just for me and oh boy, the box inside smells really good! There are 5 products in the February box and they are all nicely packed and arranged, there is also a piece of printed card listing the 5 products in the box and how much it is worth (for full size products) and what are the usage and benefits of each products.


Here is a short summary of the products:

1) Juice Beauty Cleansing Gel (RM115 for 200ml) - a brightening cleanser which results in a more refined complexion with its antioxidant-rich organic lemon, apple and purifying botanicals properties.

=> My feedback: I put on some on my body one time after bath and my first thought as I smelled it was 'Smells like asam boi (aka preserved sour plum)!'. Anyway, it leaves my skin smooth and clean and to be honest, because of the price, I dare not use too much and too often hehehe (frugal mum, sorry)

2) Perkins Nail Wrap (RM39.90 / 20 strips per pack - full size) - a super easy way to sport glamorous nails in an instant - just peel, apply and file!

=> My feedback: I haven't got around to trying this out yet as I'm very clumsy with my nails and toes. Meaning, I get them scratched easily and having to watch after 2 kids all the time at home, it further makes me procastinate longer whether I should use this for now. Maybe I'll keep this first and use it on special ocassions where I get to show off my nails and toes!

3) SHAiRE London Silk Classic Collection Hair Perfume Dry Shampoo (RM35.90 / 60ml - full size) - the ultimate all-in-one hair product! Great for in between washes, it cleanses, conditions and revitalizes your hair and repairs and strengthens hair roots - all in one nifty little bottle!
=> My feedback: I haven't got around to testing this yet but I'm happy to see such a product available - especially when you can use it during confinement time. Now, people who know me will know I'm not a superstitious person who follows strict confinement rules but I think a lot of new mummies (who have to go through strict confinement) will appreciate this dry shampoo since they will be able to wash their hair and still not break any confinement rules! So I'm keeping this in case someone around my network needs it hehehe...

4) Essence Smokey Eyes Set (RM11.90 / 3g - full size) - this handy set comes with a cream eyeliner that can be used as a base, a powder eyeshadow plus a dual-ended applicator.

=> My feedback: Wow! I'm pretty impressed with this eyes set! I haven't got the opportunity to try this out yet but I'll be looking forward to using it soon! Also I think for the price, it is very reasonable to get one of this nifty set!

5) Essence Nudes Lipgloss (RM9.90 / 5ml - full size) - keeps your lips shimmery and moisturised with vitamin E and Panthenol without leaving behind a sticky feeling.

=> My feedback: Oooh... I like this! I like being able to use a lip gloss that is not so obvious color (I don't like attention to my face hahaha) and I did tried this product out. It keeps my lips moist and shiny. For the price of almost RM10, I think it is reasonable as well.


In summary, for the price of RM28 (RM19 if you subscribe monthly and RM9 for delivery in Peninsular Malaysia), you get to have 5 beauty sample products. I think it is worth it, especially for February box as there are actually 4 full-sized products given and I think it is very worth the money to be trying out these beauty products before deciding to buy them.

Some of the mums in my Facebook groups mentioned that the brands in Modbox are not well-known compared to other beauty subscriptions which work with big named brands. I begged to differ and would be glad to advise you guys to give Modbox a try as there are potential with unknown brands and for the price comparison with other beauty subscriptions (which could be double or more of what Modbox is offering), please do consider Modbox.

As for me, I will definitely look forward to subscribing to Modbox from now on to try out more beauty products.

I'm a full-time mummy

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I'm a full-time mummy

I received no monetary compensation for this review, I was provided with the products in order to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. Please do your own research when purchasing products, as your opinions may differ from mine.

I'm a full-time mummy

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