Teaching Your Child to Earn His Own Money...

~ Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at 8:53 AM ~

I gave birth to our 3rd kiddo on 30th September 2013 and returned home with our baby the next day. Since then, hubby basically took care of everything, bathing baby and our kiddos, feeding and everything while I focus on recuperating and breastfeeding our baby. My MIL took charge of cooking lunch meals for me and dinner for all of us. So blessed to have these wonderful people around me!

The other day I decided to mop our bedroom since it was quite messy with all the dust and food crumbs and our 4.5 years old boy wanted to help out. So I prepared a pail of water with a few drops of floor detergent and a mop and rinsed it dry a bit so that our boy can proceed to mop the floor. Normally when our boy offered to help out, I would reward him with a few coins so that he can save it up in his coin purse.

Once he was done mopping our bedroom, I asked him whether he would like to mop our staircase as well and he went 'Yes!', so off we go and I taught him how to mop the staircase and he did a very good job! Even my MIL praised him for helping out!

Of course I did another final round of mopping the floor in our bedroom and rewarded our boy with a few coins which he happily rushed off to his school bag and searched for his coin purse and immediately put in his rewards in it. Happy face sighted!

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MieVee @ MummysHomeschool.com

Congrats on baby's arrival! Have a great rest and take good care! Smile

katherine G

This is a great article. Great way to show him how to earn.

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