What Is Impossible With Man is Possible With God

~ Posted on Monday, November 11, 2013 at 11:07 AM ~

I have previously written about our kiddos' final playgroup session for 2013. Just want to share that when we first started attending the playgroup sessions in September 2013, there are quite a number of parents and caretakers of the children there asking me which kindergarten Benjamin goes to. When I said none, they will asked why I did not send him yet or whether I will be looking for any soon and some kind-hearted ones will even start recommending me which kindergarten to ask around.

Later on, a mummy friend told me that the playgroup session we are attending is run by a church and they also run kindergarten as well. According to her, the kindy classes come in highly recommended by a lot of those playgroup mummies and told me to try asking whether there are any slots available for 2014 batch.

Why the kindy classes is highly recommended? There are only about 18 children in a class, they do 5 days a week classes of 3 hours every class, homework given during the school holidays and they instill a lot of Christian values to the children and they still have the fun element plus a bit of academic structure in their classes.

Few days later I went to inquire from the person in-charge and was told that the 2014 batch is full already and if I'm still interested, she will put us on waiting list for 2015 batch or if we don't mind, she will slot Benjamin in for the K4 class (which is for 6 years old). I felt sad seeing the gloomy outcome of having only 2015 to hope for!

When I got home with our kiddos, I told hubby what happened and he was upset that I did not register our kiddos even though we will be put on the waiting list. Hubby said, "At least by that time there is available slot, Alyson will be old enough to go to the class! And as for Benjamin, just because the lady said no more slots available until 2015, that doesn't mean you should just listen and give up. Even if there is slot for 6 years old and Ben is too young for the class, just register! At least few hours away from the house and he gets to make friends is better than nothing. Just register and leave it to God to handle this!'

And so the very next day, I brought our boy along to see the person in-charge again, and this time, registered both our kiddos' names in the waiting list. I told the person in-charge even though Ben might be too young, if there is any slots available even for the 6 years old class, just let him join. And so we waited.

2 months later, I received a call and it was from the kindy's person in-charge. She asked whether we are still keen to enrol Benjamin in the kindy class. I said YESSSSSSS!!! She said there is a boy who pulled out from next year's batch and so there is a slot available. I said thank you, we will take it and asked what age group will Ben be placed in. She said it is for K3 class which is meant for 5 years old. Perfect! Benjamin will turned 5 years old in March next year.

Oh my... God is really awesome! Truly awesome! And so I am reminded with this bible verse, Luke 18:27 (NIV) ~What is impossible with man is possible with God. Just because I was told there is no more slots available until 2015 and I think there is no more possibilities for us and our boy, God turned it around and shoved it at my face that yes, everything is possible through Him! Amen to that!

Thank you God for You truly knows what is best for us: Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV) ~ For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

And when is the best time to reveal everything to us. Habakkuk 2:3 (NIV) ~ For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it[a] will certainly come and will not delay.

Now if you are wondering why we wanted our boy to go to classes when we have plans to teach him, well, like I mentioned above, hubby wanted our kiddos to mix around with other children, to make friends and to get away from the house for a few hours everyday so I can spend time to focus on our 2 younger kiddos. We also wanted Benjamin to be more sociable (unlike his super shy anti social mummy) and make more friends.

I plan to still teach Benjamin after he finishes his class (half day) and on the days when there are playgroup sessions, I can bring our girls along and be able to handle 2 kiddos instead of 3 which I have been worrying of earlier. So yes, God plans out everything for us nicely!!!

Looking forward for our Benjamin to start his classes in 2014! And what an awesome God we have!

**Personal notes: Apologies but due to my paranoia of privacy and security of myself, my family and my kiddos, I am not going to reveal what is the playgroup name, the kindergarten name, the area and so on. Apologies but like I said, I am really paranoid and with info like this being shown in public, I hope you can understand my reasons for doing so.

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