Black Bean & Red Dates Drink

~ Posted on Friday, January 31, 2014 at 8:03 AM ~

For this post, I am sharing my drink recipe, my mum in law make this for me occasionally when I was in my confinement phase (well, we DIY our confinement and don't follow the practises so this is the only herbal thingy I took) Apparently, this concoction helps to increase breastmilk production on top of nourishing our body after giving birth.

Do note that the version that my MIL made is very easy to follow that I am now following every other day - especially now that I have my jug of Tupperware thermos! Anyway here goes my post on Black Bean & Red Dates Drink:


* Water (boiling water)
* Red dates - seeds removedm, quantity up to you
* Black beans - rinsed, quantity up to you

* Optional: You can Google around for other recipes as I've seen others adding pork, cuttlefish, goji berries and many many more

* Rinse a handful of black beans and some red dates in a container for a few minutes.
* Cut the red dates, remove the seeds (I remembered my MIL telling me the seeds must be removed as it is toxic)

* Drain the black beans, placed into thermos together with red dates.
* Add boiling water until the maximum level you can for the thermos.
* Cover up the thermos and leave it overnight.
* Your black bean & red dates drink is ready to drink by the time morning comes! Yummm!!


Do note that I'm trying out this recipe using the Tupperware thermos, which can yield just a cup of the drink. If you want more, you can actually slow cook or boil the ingredients in a pot for few hours. In the meantime, do read up the links below for the benefits of black beans and red dates.



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