Baby Room Review - IPC Mutiara Damansara

~ Posted on Monday, April 7, 2014 at 7:41 AM ~

I hope you enjoy reading my baby room review as much as I enjoy sneaking in my camera along with my baby and sheepishly taking pictures during the nursing session hehehehe.... I have previously blogged about the baby room in IPC in June 2012 and we were there a while ago and I noticed the room has been revamped and it looks nice, I told myself I gotta blog about it!


Location: There is proper signage that will lead you to the baby room in 2nd floor. There's a sign outside telling you that there is also another baby room in the 1st floor.

Facilities: Dustbin, mirror, sink, handwash liquid, paper towel dispenser right next to the sink, an anti-slip mat in front of the sink, a diaper changing station, 2 comfy sofas and a table next to the sofas. I love the new wallpaper designs too!

There is also a magazines rack right next to the door, I didn't check out the magazines though. There are 2 power outlets next to the baby diaper changing station.

I checked back my previous review on the same room and noticed they used to have a curtain around one of the sofa to cordon it off for breastfeeding mums instead of the 2 sofas now right next to each other and no more curtain in the baby room. I wished they put back the curtain as there are some nursing mothers who prefer to stil have some privacy when nursing as I've seen men in the baby room accompanying their wife when changing their baby's diaper so with a curtain in the room, at least everybody can still continue doing their tasks and not feeling like intruding or anything. Just my 2 cents...

Comfort Level: The room size is just nice, cosy, though I feel the room is abit too cold (hence the picture below of me covering up our 4 months old Carolyn), nice setting and comfortably lit. 

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