Homemade Yogurt Drinks

~ Posted on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 12:18 AM ~

I posted a picture of the homemade yogurt drinks we made today while I was preparing our dinner and not long after the picture goes up on my FB page, some of my followers and friends asked for the recipe. Oh boy... I normally blogged 2-3 weeks in advance so if I was to write a blog post for this recipe, it would probably be up around mid this month earliest. Since a lot of people are asking for the recipe, oh heck, you guys win. Please appreciate my sacrifice typing this out as fast as I could in darkness and trying hard not to make so much noise (kiddos all asleep btw) LOL

Oh oh, before I forget, please note that the one preparing part 1 & 2 of this tutorial is my hubby (I took pics) while third part is done by me. Hubby got this wonderful recipe from his eldest sis who is still regularly making her homemade yogurts for her 6 children. So the credits goes to them, my job is just to blog this down as I can foresee I will need to be taking over the task of making this for our kiddos from now on, LOL!

Anyway, due to popular demand, here goes my post on Homemade Yogurt Drinks:



* UHT full cream milk (I used 2 litres as this could last about 1 week+ for us if I could stretch it that long)

* Fresh yogurt (check the label to make sure it has live, active culture - we use Nestle brand for this post though hubby said best brand is Sunglo)

* Fruit juice (you can even cut up fruits in small cubes and add them for extra kicks yummmmmm!)

You will need:

* A clean stainless steel pot (ours comes together with our 2 litres Thermopot, a gift from SIL)

* A kitchen thermometer

* A pot or big container to store the milk for 8 hours, for us, we use the Thermopot, if you don't have one, you can use a stainless steel pot (1st item above), wrap it around in cloth and put it in those styrofoam box to maintain the temperature.

* An induction cooker (you can use your gas stove as well)

* Plastic or glass containers to store your yogurt.

Part 1 - Preparing the milk:

Step 1: Pour the UHT full cream milk into the stainless steel pot.

Step 2: Turn on induction cooker and using the kitchen thermometer, continue stirring the milk while you monitor the temperature.

Step 3: We set the induction cooker temperature to 160 Celcius (that would be low fire for gas stove)

Step 4: Once the kitchen thermometer temperature reaches 43 Celcius (about 105°F), remove the stainless steel pot from the induction cooker.

Step 5: You are one step closer to making your homemade yogurt!

***** NOTE: Read here to know why you need to maintain the yogurt at 43 Celcius (about 105°F).

Part 2 - Adding yogurt and maintaining the temperature:

 Step 1: Get ready your natural yogurt - just make sure the one you get has live active cultures in it.

Step 2: Add a heap tablespoon of the natural yogurt into the milk for each litre. In my case, since I used 2 litres milk, I add 2 tablespoons of yogurt.

Step 3: Stir and stir and stir the yogurts into the milk!

Step 4: Cover the stainless steel pot and put back into the thermopot.

Step 5: Leave the yogurt mixture in the thermopot for 8 hours.

Part 3 - Yogurt fruit juice?


* After 8 hours in the thermopot, you can take out the stainless steel pot and distribute the yogurt drinks into smaller containers for easier consumption.

* I pour half yogurt and half fruit juice into each of our containers. We will slowly increase the yogurt portion and reduce the fruit juice portion once our kiddos get used to drinking the yogurt and are fine with the soury yogurt taste.

* Stir in the fruit juice with the yogurt and you get yourself some nice nice nice yogurt drinks, healthy, homemade and nutritious!!


Btw, just some personal testimony, I am really not a big fan of yogurt drinks all this while but after experiencing a few UTI episodes (during 3rd pregnancy and when I was dehydrated) I took one of the container and drank all, and whoa-lahhhh, UTI gone in less than half hour. I have since been regularly helping myself to a few of the yogurt drinks (ooopsss) to keep my UTI far, far, away from me.

Other than for myself, it is good to know our kiddos are really enjoying the yogurt drinks (even our fussy 2.5 years old Alyson drinks it up and declares 'I like it! MMmmmmm!!') and knowing what goes in it (since it's homemade) and you adjust the fruit juice (sweetness) yourself makes the preparation of this even more satisfying.

Oh hubby mentioned that the next step will be making Greek yogurt... whoaaaa... we'll see!

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