Child's Play - Crystal Soil Water Beads

~ Posted on Friday, April 4, 2014 at 7:35 AM ~

I stumbled upon one of those parenting blogs recently and one of the activities done by the kiddos was playing with crystal soil water beads. It looks pretty fascinating to me, although I've seen them being used in plants before, I never thought it can be used in water play, what more for educational and entertaining aspects!

I immediately googled for more info on how these beads work and where to get them for cheap price.

With the crystal soil water beads activity, I got our kiddos to be patient in waiting for the water beads to grow bigger, letting them scoop out the water beads colors that they like using a spoon (motor skills?) and taught our 5 years old boy what is transparent (one of the beads color)

I'm just thrilled to see our kiddos' faces in amazement as they observed the water beads getting bigger and bigger as time goes by. Fun activities I would say!

**** Warning: Parents / caretakers please take note to pay full attention to your kiddos when playing with the water beads in case they put them into their mouth etc. Must always exercised precautions as these colorful beads are cute to play with and the bouncy jelly-like feel might attract kiddos to put them into their mouth (our kiddos squashed some of the water beads causing quite a wee bit of mess) Do also take note that the longer the beads are soaked in water, the bigger they get and the easier they crushed and break easily.

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