A Dose of History...

~ Posted on Monday, August 4, 2014 at 8:27 AM ~

We were out for lunch last weekend and saw this antique shop selling historical stuff on Malaya (that's our country name before it became 'Malaysia')

We decided to step in and browse around. We saw an old TV set and I immediately went on to explain to our 5.5 years old boy this was an old TV, how TV looks like long long long time ago.

He looked at the TV and asked me where was the remote. I wanted to laugh at this innocent child. So much to teach! I went on to explain to him the big black colored knobs at the side of the TV was how we control the TV back in those good ol' days. We can turn the knobs to adjust the volume, brightness and etc. We also politely asked permission from the shop owner so that we can snap some pictures of the items in the shop for memories.

All in all, a wonderful visit and lots of great teaching moments!

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