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~ Posted on Monday, September 8, 2014 at 7:19 AM ~

I have recently started playing word games with our 5.5 years old boy. I noticed he is slowly picking up phonics and spelling stuff based on the homework he brought home every other day from his preschool.

I started off with A for apple, A for aeroplane when he was around 4 years old but I guess it doesn't stick with him until he learns about phonics before he started preK this year.

Now we go with me starting off the game saying 'What starts with bah (for letter b, it is pronounced as 'bah')?' I will start off with the first answer for example I would say, 'Bah! Bah for bah-sket (for basket)' then we will continue until we ran out of words that starts with the letter B.

The other day while in the car coming back from our family breakfast outing, I started the game again. I went 'What starts with 'terh' (for letter T)? Terh! Terh for train!' then our boy continued with 'terh for tram'. At one point he said 'terh for thought'. I did not expect him to know this word at his age - as in to associate this word to start with the letter t. I asked him 'Do you know your terh for thought', what does the thought word means?' And he told us 'Thought like I thought I am a boy!' Silly, but yes, he got the concept right! He knows the meaning of the word though I am sure he does not know how to spell it yet at this point in time but hey, 5.5 years old telling me 'terh for thought' awesome possum!

I will definitely be continuing on with this game, who knows, I might learn from him too!

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