What Colors Are This Dress?

~ Posted on Friday, February 27, 2015 at 4:58 PM ~

I saw a friend of mine posted this asking what color is this dress. In my mind, I said 'DUH.. WHITE AND GOLD of course!' and went on my day. Cleared stuff in storerooms, made lunch, pack stuff to be donated again to charity, and while resting, surfed some news to read and share in my page and I saw a lot of articles on this dress. Apparently there are people who see this dress as different color.

I still think it as a joke and was about to shrug it away when our almost 6 years old boy came over asking whether he could have some snacks for tea break. I asked him what color is the dress.

He said 'Blue and black'. I froze.

I asked him to repeat again what color is the dress and this time he said it in Bahasa (Malaysia's national language): HITAM DAN BIRU.

Oh crapppp... this is no joke. And so I am sharing this picture and see what you think of the dress. What colors are this dress?

Updates 1:

I have personally witnessed both white/gold and black/blue combo on this dress. At different hours of the day, I just looked back at the picture, and it changed colors. Okay, more like the colors are not the same as what I saw earlier.

Updates 2:

The dress is confirmed originally BLUE AND BLACK. If you still can't wrap your mind with that, try looking at this cartoon. Also, you might want to read about the "18 Relationships Destroyed By The Dress That Broke The Internet" for some laughs!

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