How to Recycle Medical Tape Dispenser

~ Posted on Friday, March 6, 2015 at 5:57 AM ~

We have quite a lot of these medical tape dispensers at home, in our cars (1st aid kits) and in my diaper bags. Very handy and convenient to bring around. Was using one which I put on my working desk when it ran out of tape. I almost wanted to throw the dispenser away when I suddenly had an idea. Opened up one of my drawers, took out a small sized loytape and tried this:

How to Recycle Medical Tape Dispenser

I opened up the dispenser, removed the old tape and put in the loytape. Closed up the dispenser and voila! A new loytape dispenser! Proudly showed it to my hubby (because he recently bought a big sized loytape dispenser and I thought this might interest him hehehe) and he told me to share this out as one of those life hack tips. So here you go...

Cool huh?


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