Teaching & Learning Moment - Snails

~ Posted on Friday, April 10, 2015 at 6:38 AM ~

I like to bring our kiddos to the playground whenever situations and weather permits. One morning after dropping off our olderst kiddo at kindy, I brought our girls to the playground and it rained a wee bit earlier in the morning so the place was just nice and cooling and the playground equipments are dry enough to be played with.

Our girls stomped around and at one point, our 2nd kiddo called out for me and pointed at her discovery. It was a snail! A really tiny one, about 1/3 inch in size probably. I'm giddy with snails but this is a small one and I do have to slowly get rid of my paranoia now that I have kids, so I gently explained to our girls what it is and used a small stick to gently prod on the snail, explaining the parts of the snails. The tentacles, the shell and its body.

Now why this falls into the 'Teaching & Learning Moments!'?

* I get to teach our girls about snail and its' body parts.

* I get to teach our girls to be gentle with other creatures.

* I get to slowly overcome my paranoia with snails.


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