Educating Our Children On Body Safety & Privacy

~ Posted on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 at 6:49 AM ~

One of the public figures I followed on FB posted this in late May 2015. He shared a story which was told by a fan on his page.

 I commented the following on the thread:

Start educating from home. Don't leave to teachers or other people to teach your child.

As Asians, we tend to be very conservative and matters pertaining to sex, body parts and relationships tend to be very hush-hush as if it is very embarrassing and shameful to even mention it.

If you have a child, once they can start to understand your instructions, teach them the correct naming of their body part. Penis (or zakar in Malay) is a penis, don't call it with any other nicknames just because you are shy to say it. No cuckoo birds, no whatever nonsense words. Labia, vagina, breasts, all these words teach your child. Don't replace with funny weird nicknames.

Teach them to know which body parts are strictly no-no for anyone else to touch or see.

Teach them no such thing as keeping good secrets from your parents.

Talk to them often, do not brush them off when they want to tell you anything. To a child, everything is a big thing, if you brush them off or ignore them, they will not want to approach you for anything in future.

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