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~ Posted on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 at 5:17 AM ~

I have been sharing some of my favorite angpow pieces on an angpow collectors group in Facebook and some members have been telling me to continue sharing my memorable stories and so I thought, why not write it down, that way, our kiddos can read about it when they grow up next time, eh?

For those of you who are not familiar or never heard of the words 'Angpow' (also known as 'ang pau', 'ang pao', 'angpau'), here is a quick definition:

Angpow = Red Packet (filled with cash inside) given during festivals

So for today's angpow story, it comes from this piece of lovely angpow:

Angpow Story

Today's  storytime revolves around this angpow from Sungei Wang. Those who have read my previous storytime about the Metrojaya butterfly angpow might remember that I started working part-time at 16 years old during school holidays, 10am to 10pm every day for 1 month plus.

Throughout my working time then, I get half an hour break twice daily and most of the time, I will go to the 4th floor of Sungei Wang, where the food court is to have my lunch and dinner. It was famous for its numerous economical and budget food for working folks around there. 

I remembered the rows and rows of long connected tables and chairs, people sitting and joining other people's table, all in a hurry to eat and rush back to work. Our small little luxury then was the many TVs all around the food court areas showing Stephew Chow's (one of the famous Hong Kong actor) movies. You can practically see which are the popular hot spots around the food court, as lots of people will be sitting near the TV areas hahahah...

I went back to work part-time in Metrojaya again while waiting for my SPM results and of course, Sungei Wang remains my favorite eating and break time spot for me.

The last I went there was years ago, things have changed so much there, more foreigners working there, lots of new shops, things are just not the same as how I remembered it decades ago.

Sungei Wang holds a very dear place in my heart thanks to my early working experience there.


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