Macanese Minchi

~ Posted on Tuesday, August 11, 2015 at 7:23 AM ~

Was browsing through my My Attempts in Making Yummylicious Food! album on my FB page and I saw this dish I made in December 2014.

That time, I still have a small packet of minced pork in my fridge and I bought a big pack of potatoes yesterday (reduced to clear bargain must grab LOL!). So I googled around looking for recipes that uses minced pork and potatoes.

Ta-daaaaa.... and I got Macanese Minchi!

Apparently, this dish is a traditional dish in Macau which is made with minced beef and/or minced pork, potatoes and onions.

Cool, learned something new! I get to merge our kiddos' favorite dish (minced pork in sweet soy sauce and garlic) with MY favorite dish (braised potatoes in sweet soy sauce)

Macanese Minchi


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