Teaching & Learning Moment - Flowers

~ Posted on Monday, August 10, 2015 at 5:39 AM ~

I like to bring our kiddos to the playground whenever situations and weather permits. One morning after dropping off our oldest kiddo at kindy, I brought our girls to the playground. Our girls left me and happily moved onto the slides so I sat in one of the swings when I noticed something on the floor. A white flower! Ahhh... thank you God for this learning opportunity!

I immediately called our girls over and gently pointed to them the flower, telling them to be careful as they looks very fragile. It's not easy picking these flowers up as well. Now, I thought what can we learn from this lovely thing?

#1 - I taught our girls to pronounce the word 'flower' properly. Fuh-lao-were. Flower.

#2 - I taught our girls to identify the petals and to pronounce the word 'petal' properly. Peh-turl. Petal.

I looked around the playground and noticed quite a lot of these flowers on the ground. Possibly fell after the earlier rain in the morning. So I told our girls to gently pick up the flowers and bring them to me. As they picked up the flowers, they get to practise their finger motor skills and learning to be gentle and careful at the same time so as not to destroy the flowers.

Our older girl has started to arrange the flower and counting it as she aligned them properly, possibly remembering one of our previous teaching & learning moment where we learn to count with flowers. This time, I told our older girl to arrange into a shape. I asked 'How about circle shape?' and so she started adjusting and realigning the flowers to make a circle shape. Awesome!

Teaching & Learning Moment


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