Teaching & Learning Moment - White Board

~ Posted on Tuesday, August 18, 2015 at 6:53 AM ~

My current goal in educating our kiddos is to instill their love for reading, do loads of flash cards and worksheets on spelling and writing and hopefully more practice and worksheets on Mathematics stuff later on. Now I'm really not a fan of water colors stuff. Or doing paper glue crafts. Or using blackboard with chalks stuff. The OCD-ness in me just can't stand the mess, the stickiness, the dust. Not at their young age. Maybe later. But now, I personally feel white board is the best for our kiddos.

I bought 2 units of white board for our older 2 kiddos. Each white board came with a dry erase marker pen and a duster. The size is appropriate enough for them at the moment.

I like the convenience of teaching them by drawing or writing out and show them and then erase it and let them write on their own. I do use exercise books from time to time but this was done after the practise on the white board. Perhaps the stingy frugal side of me do not want to simply waste papers as well LOL.

Teaching & Learning Moment

I also like the convenience part where I can easily bring the white board along should we decide to go out for some playground time and subtly making it into a learning moment haha. 

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