Teaching & Learning Moment - Number 1

~ Posted on Monday, October 5, 2015 at 5:13 AM ~

I had recently started to teach our 4 year old girl how to write number 1 and recently posted about it as well. I gave her a worksheet on 28th Sept 2015 for revision.

This time, I decided to change style a litte bit, instead of letting her use a big size pencil, I gave her one of my highlighters and I particularly looked for one in her favorite color, PINK.

Teaching & Learning Moment

Again, her grip is not there yet, as you can see from the picture, she grasped the whole highlighter instead but I wouldn't worry much about this at her age now. But I noticed that her writing is steadier compared to her using pencil although the direction of her number 1 varies due to the tip of the highlighter. Maybe I should look for those highlighters with rounded tips huh?

In any case, she did her copywork, following the dotted lines to write number 1 (only got 1 wrong as she didn't realised she was supposed to write the number 1 as well in the blank boxes), the rest of the questions, she managed to solve by her own. Good job girl!

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