Printable Travel Games to Entertain the Kids During A Road Trip

~ Posted on Friday, November 27, 2015 at 5:30 AM ~

I'm always looking for printables to print out for our kiddos to learn and practice on. A few weeks back I stumbled upon these couple of printable games which I improvised a wee bit so that I can use them to entertain our kiddos during any road trip we will have (one coming up in December in fact)

The original printable is meant to be a mini book, for you to print, fold and cut out so that it is a small handy sized book that kiddos can use but I'm all for long-term usage of any useful, fun and educational stuff, so I decided to improvise on this by laminating the printables and turning it into flipcards instead.

The materials I used were:

- A4 paper to print the printables (color preferably)
- laminator with 2 sheets of laminating pouch
- scissors
- a corner cutter (I love all my laminated stuff to have rounded edges hehehe)
- a hole puncher
- a key ring

Printable Travel Games

The steps:

1. Print out the printables using color printer.
2. Laminate the printout.
3. Cut out the printables.
4. Punch a hole at one of the corner, repeat for all cards.
5. Trim the corners of all cards using a corner cutter.
6. Hook up all the cards using the key ring.

Printable Travel Games

This is how my printables look like once completed. All ready to be used by our kiddos during a road trip!

Printable Travel Games


* Alphabet mini book
* Numbers mini book

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Printable Travel Games

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