Updates on Our CD Adventure!

~ Posted on Friday, July 8, 2011 at 10:53 PM ~

I had previously blogged about almost into starting off with our CD adventure and so these are the brief updates on the status so far:

1. Ben donned his 1st cloth diaper on 28th June 2011

His reactions? Upfront 'NO' when he realised I'm not putting on his normal disposable diaper for him. He squirmed away a couple of times despite my gentle nudging for him to try wearing it. After a few attempts, he relented and I managed to take the above shot of him wearing it. He seems comfortable wearing it though he'd prefer to wear his short pants over the diaper pants. Shy I guess...

2. How does it work out?

I don't know how long a CD should last but for my 28 months old toddler (12kg weight), whether I used the 2 folds or 3 folds insert, both only lasted maximum 1.5 hours. It soaked the insert entirely and I managed to change the insert before it gets to the diaper pants.

Oh, did I mentioned Ben is a very, very, very heavy drinker?

* Image from Google search

As in he guzzles loads and loads of water in a day! So I guess that's probably why the inserts couldn't hold it long enough compared to disposable.

3. How do I go about cleaning the CD?

When I realised the inserts are soaked through, I just pulled it out, put in a new insert and throw the old ones into a bucket, soaked them in water (deep enough to cover the inserts), put in a few drops of the detergent I bought for this CD. I think I soaked them for few hours (forgotten about them actually! Whoopsss..) and rinsed the inserts a couple of times and dry them up.

4. How frequent am I using the CD on Ben?

To be honest, I have so far used the CDs for about 6 times. 2 times a day to be exact. In which the 2 times total up to 3 hours, used up both the 2 and 3 prefolds inserts. I got tired and changed back to disposable (which normally lasts for about 2-4 hours depending how much water Ben drinks).

5. What now?

* Image from Google search

These few days Ben fell sick, was coughing occassionally (his mild fever just broke and he's OK now) and because of that, he drank more water than usual, so I did not let him wear the CD during these few days. So until his cough gets better, I don't think I will be putting on a CD on him... 

I guess that's about the updates I can think of for now... I have not given up hope yet on CD... I do agree that CD is a better choice in terms of environmental and economy factors, just that we are having a bit of a hiccup now and would prefer to hold it off for a few days and see how things goes...

What Are Your Thoughts on Franchise Opportunities?

~ Posted on Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 12:34 AM ~

You know, every now and then I do entertain the thoughts of earning some side income while still being a SAHM.

I mean, if I do have the means to start my own business, I might look into the possibility of doing so with the various franchise opportunities available in the market now.

Now what is franchise? According to Wikipedia: "Franchising is the practice of using another firm's successful business model"

Of course there are a lot of things to be considered before taking the leap into franchising world - such as:

- Does the business model fits your requirements?

- How much time and effort you can put into the business?

- What other resources you need to put into the business: staff, supplies, etc etc

- Do you have enough fundings or capital to start and maintain the business?

There are many more factors to be considered and thought through for sure. But I think with thorough research, the risks is definitely less compared to starting a business from scratch. At least by going through the franchise opportunities, you can immediately start running your business on an already successful business started earlier by someone else.

What are your thoughts on franchise opportunities?

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What Are Your Maternity Clothes Styles?

~ Posted on Wednesday, July 6, 2011 at 12:18 AM ~

Being pregnant doesn't mean the end of the world for our wardrobe selections or that you are going to end up wearing huge size clothing throughout your pregnancy!

Personally, I feel that being pregnant should not be a hindrance to us in being a stylish and yet looking comfortable as a preggy mum! And I also believe that we should be proud of our growing belly instead of hiding it under baggy or big sized clothes.

Of course, the wardrobe choices will be much lesser compared to pre-pregnancy time but I'm always the type of person who goes for blouses and pants that can 'grow' with my growing body size hehehe...

I'm close to 8 months pregnant now and my maternity clothes are still pretty OK so far... As for my maternity clothes styles, I will try to mix and match blouses or comfortable T-shirts with my maternity pants. I do have a couple of hand-me-downs maternity dresses from my sisters-in law but most of these dresses couldn't fit me anymore. So, I still prefer the good ol' mix and match styles of mine.

Though of course, I do wish that my maternity clothes styles could be more like this:

* Image from http://www.very.co.uk/south-maternity-grow-grain-bow-detail-blouse/765192983.prd

Or something casual and yet still chic looking like this:

* Image from http://www.very.co.uk/maternity-v-neck-knitted-jumper/875696426.prd

So what are your maternity clothes styles?

** Disclosure: This post is in association with Very. All thoughts, opinions and words are 100 % my own.