Toddler Meals (June 20 - 26)

~ Posted on Sunday, June 26, 2011 at 10:24 PM ~

Pictures of meals are getting less since quite a number of the meals served to Ben have been featured in previous posts of toddler's meals. Continuing on with Ben's meals for June 20th to 26th...

20 June
Breakfast - Oats, cornflakes
Lunch - Roll cake, Fried noodle, some of my choc bun
Dinner - Cornflakes, rice, roast chicken & soup

21 June
Breakfast - Oats, grapes, a Vitagen, few bites of my cake roll
Lunch - Banana, Yogurt, 1 boiled egg, some of my nasi lemak
Tea - waffle, cornflakes, 1 boiled egg
Dinner - Rice, pork & soup

22 June
Breakfast - Alphabet pasta with cream sauce, a banana, grapes, a Vitagen
Lunch - Konnyaku jelly, 2 slice of toast bread with peanut choc spread
Dinner - Oats and grapes with a cup of diluted Ribena, 1/3 of my fried rice

Breakfast on 22 June ~ Alphabet pasta with cream sauce

23 June
Breakfast - Oats, cornflakes
Lunch - Cornflakes, choc milk
Dinner - Rice, half tube of Japanese tofu, 1 piece of my roasted chicken drummet, a cup of diluted Ribena

Dinner on 23 June ~ Rice, half tube of Japanese tofu, 1 piece of my roasted chicken drummet

24 June
Breakfast - Oats, cornflakes, grapes, vitagen
Lunch - 1 egg tart
Tea - 1 banana, yogurt
Dinner - rice, pork, tofu

25 June
Breakfast - Alphabet pasta with cream sauce, vitagen, jelly
Lunch - Rice, papadom, a bit of fish, Milo
Dinner - Rice, soup, tofu, 2oz of fish mince

26 June
Breakfast - pork bun, some of my custard bun, a bottle of Vitagen
Lunch - Soup, rice, carrot, mushroom, pieces of chicken
Tea -  Crackers
Dinner - Oats, carrots mash, cornflakes and a cup of diluted Ribena

Taking Baby Steps into the World of CD...

~ Posted on Friday, June 24, 2011 at 8:40 AM ~

No, no, no, no... not this type of CD...

* Image taken from Google search

The CD I'm talking about is Cloth Diaper.

Yes, I'm finally taking my small baby steps into the world of Cloth Diapering.

I have been thinking about giving it a try for sometime already but everytime I scout around on the Internet, I get more and more confused reading all the jargons associated with CD. Inserts? Microfibers? AIO? AI2? I just gave up and continue using disposable diapers for Ben.

Of course I do feel the guilt whenever I throw his disposable diapers, thinking of the environmental effect and all. Not to mention the money we could've save if we use CD instead.

We are blessed (really!) with the fact that Ben does not have any sensitive skin or issues with any sorts of diapers. We use one of the cheapest disposable brands around and I regularly changed his diapers every 2-3 hours (or faster if he poop or I felt the diaper is heavy).

Over time, I got to thinking maybe I should give it a try again, to research and be patient more and add on to the fact that our Spicy Baby is coming soon in less than 3 months time and I'm pretty confident with Ben's poop and pee schedule (so I know when to put him into a CD).

I'd like to thank my SAHM friend (that's you Catheryn!) for recommending this CD brand and website to me. The initial starter pack she recommended to me is out of stock and after literally reading everything on the website for days (not kidding you!), I decided to order these two AIO (aka All-In-One) CD to try on Ben and am now in the midst of waiting for it to arrive. If everything is fine and dandy, I'll be getting more of these and use it for Spicy Baby as well.

Why I decided to get the above CDs?

* It's a one size diaper suitable for 0-3 years old
* It is waterproof outside
* It comes with bamboo inserts ( I understand bamboo is better?)
* Most important point is it has a back button which allow Insert to be attached to the CD firmly.
* Another plus point is it has this extended long Velcro in the front side (I'm not a fan of buttons for diapers)

My plan on using the CD is as follow (for now):

* To use during daytime ( I mean, I only bought 2 to try out... so start small right?)
* To place insert on the diaper instead of inserting it into the pocket (so that I can reuse the diaper pants if it's not soiled/soaked through)
* To handwash it myself (reason being we normally pile up our laundry for 2-3 days before we uses the washing machine)
* To get a small bottle of Pureen H-A-D (Pureen Hypo-Allergenic-Detergent) for the CD
* To get some nappy liners (for the poop)

So in the meantime, any recommended websites I should check out or any ideas and/or tips that you can share with me that I should take note of in matters pertaining to CD?

Oh, and good luck to me & Ben! Wink

Winner for Lovable Labels Wire Tags and Award for My Blog Readers!

~ Posted on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at 6:38 PM ~

I posted a giveaway for the Lovable Labels Wire Tags a month ago and it's now past 21st June 2011 already, which means the giveaway is closed and I'm now announcing the lucky winner!

I'm just going to cut short my usual explanations of how I came to compile, select, tally the entries and then randomly picked the winner using So below is the lucky winner:

* The winner is: ro20del********

Congratulations to you! I have just sent an email to you to get your further details! You have 48 hours to respond to my email before I pick another winner! As for the rest who participated in the giveaway, thank you for entering, better luck next time, OK? A note of thanks as well to Lovable Labels  for sponsoring the Wire Tag label pack to my lucky blog visitor / reader!

On another note, I would also like to take this opportunity to hand out this "The Reader Appreciation Award" to the following blog readers of mine who faithfully and regularly commented on my blog posts.

I truly appreciate you guys and enjoy getting your comments. Please keep them coming. It's comments from you guys that keep me inspired and motivated to blog on!

So without further ado, please accept them with my sincerest thanks from the bottom of my heart!

The award goes to (in no particular order):

* Suhaila from sumijelly
* Germaine from mom2kiddos
* Aries (you gave me this award, so yes, I'm giving it back to you! :D)
* aurie
* Dominique
* Steph
* Catheryn from PinkBibs
* And those that I don't have their blog URLs: Miki and Carmen

To those that I have left out, please accept my apologies. I will try to include more in the next giveaway winner post if I left out anyone. Those names listed above, go ahead and accept it, you guys deserve it!