Men Face Care. Do You Care?

~ Posted on Sunday, July 17, 2011 at 6:53 PM ~

Why am I writing this post today? Oh well, just want to share my thoughts on men face care since my beloved husband does have his shares of ups and downs in searching for the right products for his face care. It's quite sad and pitiful to hear his grumbles about the flaky skins peeling from his face, of how the flaky skins turns into red splotches as he tries to scratch and wash them away.

Maybe I'm just lucky but I'm more of a plain water and soap type of person and I don't rely on any facial products all this while so I can't really help him in this area.

Now why is face care so important? Well, firstly, your face is the most viewed part of your body (unless you are shy and have problems looking at the person you are talking to straight in the eye than I've got nothing to comment on this hehehe..)

Ben at 6 months old checking out his reflection on the mirror...

I mean, don't you agree that the face is what most people notice first when they meet someone new for the first time? And I would think that face is one of the important features that leave a long lasting impression on the person you met up with. After all, when we try to think of someone, their face comes to mind, right?

And I think for men, it is more crucial that they take care of their face,  maybe because women can put on makeup, but for men, face care needs to be approached from a different angle. Unless that man works as a clown or some job that required them to put on makeup, otherwise, poor men (like my husband!) have no choice but to look for the ultimate products that can help them take care of their face.

I'm really glad to know that my husband has managed to find a good facial product - for now. I really hope that the product will continue to work its magic so that my beloved man can stay happy everyday!

So what about you? What do you think about men face care?

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Maternity Exchange™

~ Posted on Friday, July 15, 2011 at 8:39 AM ~

About a month back, I was contacted by Maternity Exchange™ with regards to an advertising opportunity and was also offered to try out the Bella Band for my review. I was very happy with the product review and would like to share more information about this awesome company!

What I like about Maternity Exchange™?

* Their awesome retail concept which allows us mums-to-be the chance to buy or rent maternity (even nursing!) outfits with affordable prices.

* If you like the outfit you rent, you can also buy the outfit after renting by just topping up the difference. Cool eh?

* They have a very large collection of imported and local designer maternity and nursing labels in Singapore. Brands like Maternal America, Japanese Weekend, Mothers en Vogue (well known in Singapore for fashion forward maternity and nursing wear! and Dote Nursing (well known in Singapore for very fashionable nursing wear that does not look like nursing wear)

* They carry a wide range of casual, work and special occasion maternity and nursing wear which is regularly updated.

* They also carry other products such as maternity and nursing lingerie, swimwear, diaper bags, belly bands, maternity support belts, postpartum shape wear, and an assortment of gifts and accessories for mums-to-be and new parents.

* They offer rental packages for those who might need more pieces. It's SGD299 for 8 pieces, SGD399 for 12 pieces and SGD599 for 20 pieces. These packages are valid for 1 year so customers can take their time to use the total number of pieces in their package. Each piece can be rented for an average of 4 weeks. Extensions  to 8 weeks are allowed though that will mean using up another piece in your package.

I mean, seriously, just the idea of being able to RENT maternity outfits is thrilling enough for me! Imagine being able to don various designer maternity outfits at a very affordable price! And the fact that those clothes does not get chucked into our wardrobe after we give birth, awesome! I for one am not quite willing to spend too much on maternity outfits since I only wear it for like 4-5 months during the pregnancy phase, so this renting idea totally rocks!

If the above testimony does not convince you yet of how awesome Maternity Exchange™ is, do check out some of their products available in their store (for sell and rent):

Dote Harlow Dress - Blush
  Dote Harlow Dress - Blush
CA001233 ML Calypso Nursing Dress - Purple
  ML Calypso Nursing Dress - Purple
Prego Beachcomber Trimkini
Prego Beachcomber Trimkini

Can't resist getting one eh? What are you waiting for? Even if you are not pregnant, you can check out the other products offered in their store and get it for your pregnant friends, family or relatives!

And by the way, Maternity Exchange™ has just turned 6 years old and they are offering a free Chan Pie Gnon baby teether for every SGD180 spent.  For my awesome blog readers and visitors, they are giving 1 free CPG for any amount spent at their online store. (*Note: Just remember to quote my blog name "I'm a full-time mummy" under remarks upon checkout.) This offer is valid till 24 July 2011.

You can check out their store which is located at:
6, Raffles Boulevard, #03-108, Marina Square, Singapore 039594.
Tel: (65) 6100-EXCH (6100-3924)
Online Store:

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Vitamin C can Cause Harm...

~ Posted on Thursday, July 14, 2011 at 8:37 AM ~

What has Vitamin C gotta do with my post today? Well, I have chosen prompt #4 ("Share a joke that always makes you laugh.") from this week's Writer's Workshop and will explain further in details...

You see, few years ago while I was still working in the IT line, I had the privilege of working in the same place with my best friend, although we were both supporting different subsidiaries, but because we were both in IT department, we were so lucky to be in the same floor and seated on the same cubicle row, just 1 table apart.

So anyway, one day I popped over to her cubicle and offered her one of this:

* Image taken from Google search

Just a cute little Vitamin C tablet which I had just taken few seconds before I went over to her place.

To be honest, I am not much of a health freak person, my idea of staying healthy is to take vitamins like this. Exercise? Ermmm... nope... Eating vegetables? Ermm... nope... So yeah, this bottle of Vitamin C has been a daily intake activity of mine during my working days.

I had just managed to tell her "Hey, try this out!" and was about to tell her to pop it into her glass of water first when right in front of my very shocked-till-they-turned-into-gigantic-sized eyes, I see in really-really-really-slow motion... of her taking the vitamin C tablet off my palm and popped it straight into her mouth. I repeat...

Straight - into - her - mouth....

I could only managed a gasp, still stunned at what I have seen when she immediately started putting one of her hand to cover her mouth. I did managed to see the top surface of her tongue started bubbling...

* Image taken from Google search

Yeah, you see the bubbling picture above, instead of the water bubbling in the glass, imagine the vitamin C tablet bubbling in her mouth!

Yeapp.... what a memorable mental image... You see, before I could tell her that the tablet is a water soluble type, my friend happily popped it into her mouth thinking it was one of those latest sweets or candies around (I used to have this big basket of candies on my desk for my colleagues to take for free)

So anyway, after a few seconds of rushing to grab some tissue papers for her to spit out the tablet into, we managed to keep the situation under control, of course, throughout the whole incident, we were like laughing non-stop and yet panicking at the same time.

Oh man.. I hope she will forgive me for putting this out for the whole world to read but this has always been one of the funniest memory I have (and cherished!) till today...

** This post is written as part of this week's Writer's Workshop.