Improved Parkings!

~ Posted on Friday, July 29, 2011 at 1:45 PM ~

I was just grumbling over 4 months ago about Ben's illegal parking of his toy cars..

 And look how his parkings has improved NOW!

Nice eh?

Roti Boom Planta...

~ Posted on Wednesday, July 27, 2011 at 8:40 AM ~

Been eating this yummylicious stuff quite frequent lately...

My Journey as a Breastfeeding Mother...

~ Posted on Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at 8:49 AM ~

I came across this post and decided to participate by sharing my journey as a breastfeeding mother too!  I don't think I can sum up my experiences in 100 words or less but what the heck, I just want to share my experience and my journey as a breastfeeding mother, so I think I'll list them down for easier reading, so here it goes:

Nursing Ben at 19 months old... love those gorgeous eyes gazing up at me!

~ Started in 4th March 2009 when I delivered my first child, my dear cheeky Benjamin

~ Learned to hand express while I was serving my 1 month notice (tendered my resignation a day after I returned back to work from my 2 months maternity leave)

~ One of the reason I quit my job is so that I could at least breastfeed my boy for 6 months

~ Exclusively breastfed Ben for the first 6 months (very minimal water, that too given on hot days as I'm living in a hot country all year round)

~ Am not sure whether it is caused by my breastfeeding, but I did not have my menses for 25 months since I got pregnant with Ben in June 2008. Those 25 months were such a bliss!!!!!

~ Breastfed Ben for total of 26 months (and out of those 26 months, 6 of them were during my 2nd pregnancy now)

Lilypie Breastfeeding tickers

~ Am still nursing Ben NOW even though my breastmilk has stopped from 5th month of pregnancy

~ We do not have a speck of formula powder at all in the house since Ben came along!

~ Am hoping I could make tandem nursing works!

** Updates on 10th July 2012: At the moment I'm writing this, I am still tandem nursing Ben (40 months old now) and Alyson (10 months old) :)

Nursing Ben at 21 months old...

So there you go, the summary of my journey as a breastfeeding mother!