I Had 5 Different Spaghetti Meals For Lunch!

~ Posted on Thursday, August 4, 2011 at 8:46 AM ~

Hubby suggested this place for lunch and I thought, "Oh heck, for RM14.90 (that's about USD5) to eat all I can, why not?!" so we head over to the "Secret of Louisiana" restaurant (after I called up to book a table) and try out the spaghetti meals!

Fact #1: I only had 2.5 plates out of 5 plates that we ordered and tasted a few bites of the other 2.5 plates...

Fact #2: It was for a "Eat All You Can Spaghetti" sets! So what else, eat all I can right?!! (Free refills for soup, vege salads and coffee/tea)

Fact #3: They got my name wrong! (I called in half an hour earlier to reserve a table and I guessed maybe the name 'Jenny' is not so common compared to ermmm.. 'Jane'?)

Below are the pictures taken of the spaghettis meals we ordered...

My first plate: Mexican Aglio Olive

Hubby's first plate: Carbonara Chicken

My 2nd plate: Creamy Pesto White Fish

Hubby's 2nd plate: Chicken Smoked Sausage

The last plate we shared: Chicken with Olive

Desserts: We had this yummy choc mint ice cream!

It was a nice lunch we had and honestly speaking, I enjoyed all the spaghettis served.  It was also the first time I ate olives! (shocking huh!) The portion was just nice, the service was good, the ambience was good and I love the deco in the restaurant too. We did had a bit of a difficulties at the beginning when we tried to look for the restaurant, but it was due to the place location and building setup actually.

Ben digging into his ice cream...

Overall, I will consider going to this place again, though I'm not sure whether I could stomach 5 2.5 plates of spaghetti meals after giving birth to Spicy Baby in September hahahah...

I Can Eat This Guitar All Day Long!

~ Posted on Wednesday, August 3, 2011 at 8:31 AM ~

Teaching My Child a Lesson Using a Curtain Tie...

~ Posted on Tuesday, August 2, 2011 at 8:35 AM ~

I was really tired yesterday entertaining my cheeky boy the whole day and by the time it was 5.30pm, Ben was still wide awake and refused to take his afternoon nap (normally he naps around 2-3pm for 2-3 hours).

At one point, he mischievously managed to pull out this leather tie string from our window railings (which originated from a handbag given by my SIL) that I used as a curtain tie.

So what does a really tired 8 months+ preggy mum gotta do?

She used the curtain tie to teach her toddler a lesson...

Now, now, before you go on thinking I used the curtain tie to punish him, please clear that thought off your mind. I may be tired (VERY!) and stressed out (mild) but I will not resort to things like this. What I meant by teaching him a lesson is...

You see, there are 8 little cute flower petals strung on the tie and since Ben refused to let me put it back onto our window railings, I decided to use it to teach him things like:

* Counting from 1 to 8 - as I pulled each petal across the curtain tie, I repeated the numbers 1 to 8, making sure he follows  and repeat my counting

* The concept of up and down - I pulled each petal up and down and repeated the directions up and down to him, and he followed what I showed him

* The concept of left and right - I pulled each petal across both ends and repeated the directions left and right to him, and he followed what I showed him

 Ben concentrating as he pulled the petal downwards...
 And saying the word 'Two' as he pulled the 2nd petal...

Who would've thought such a simple thing like a curtain tie could be educational as well huh? (and the extent to how weird a very tired preggy mum could come up with this idea! Hahahaha...)

And not to forget, it kept him busy and entertained for quite a while! Wooohoooo!

What other things have you used to teach your child a lesson?

"There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million."
~ Walt Streightiff