Teaching My Child a Lesson Using a Curtain Tie...

~ Posted on Tuesday, August 2, 2011 at 8:35 AM ~

I was really tired yesterday entertaining my cheeky boy the whole day and by the time it was 5.30pm, Ben was still wide awake and refused to take his afternoon nap (normally he naps around 2-3pm for 2-3 hours).

At one point, he mischievously managed to pull out this leather tie string from our window railings (which originated from a handbag given by my SIL) that I used as a curtain tie.

So what does a really tired 8 months+ preggy mum gotta do?

She used the curtain tie to teach her toddler a lesson...

Now, now, before you go on thinking I used the curtain tie to punish him, please clear that thought off your mind. I may be tired (VERY!) and stressed out (mild) but I will not resort to things like this. What I meant by teaching him a lesson is...

You see, there are 8 little cute flower petals strung on the tie and since Ben refused to let me put it back onto our window railings, I decided to use it to teach him things like:

* Counting from 1 to 8 - as I pulled each petal across the curtain tie, I repeated the numbers 1 to 8, making sure he follows  and repeat my counting

* The concept of up and down - I pulled each petal up and down and repeated the directions up and down to him, and he followed what I showed him

* The concept of left and right - I pulled each petal across both ends and repeated the directions left and right to him, and he followed what I showed him

 Ben concentrating as he pulled the petal downwards...
 And saying the word 'Two' as he pulled the 2nd petal...

Who would've thought such a simple thing like a curtain tie could be educational as well huh? (and the extent to how weird a very tired preggy mum could come up with this idea! Hahahaha...)

And not to forget, it kept him busy and entertained for quite a while! Wooohoooo!

What other things have you used to teach your child a lesson?

"There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million."
~ Walt Streightiff

Toddler Meals (July 25 - 31)

~ Posted on Monday, August 1, 2011 at 8:50 AM ~

Pictures of meals are getting less since quite a number of the meals served to Ben have been featured in previous posts of toddler's meals. Continuing on with Ben's meals for July 25th to 31st...

25 July
Breakfast - Cheese + omelette (hubby cooked), a bottle of Vitagen
Lunch - Egg noodle, choc milk UHT, mango pudding
Tea - Cornflakes
Dinner - Oats, cornflakes, honey dew, soya milk
Supper - choc rolls biscuits

Lunch for 25 July

26 July
Breakfast - Oats, cornlakes, Vitagen
Lunch - 1 slice of cheddar cheese, yogurt, choc roll biscuits
Dinner - UHT choc milk, oats crackers, tuna
Supper - Kaya balls, cornflakes

27 July
Breakfast - Oats, grapes, cornlakes, Vitagen
Lunch - Oatmeals with apricot biscuits, banana biscuit, UHT choc milk
Dinner - Steamboat

28 July
Breakfast - Oats, grapes, cornlakes, Vitagen
Lunch - Half sour cream bun, UHT strawberry milk, 2 pieces of oat biscuits with apricot flavor
Dinner - Rice, lotus soup, lotus, Japanese tofu

29 July
Breakfast - Grapes, choc UHT milk, some oats, some choc spread bread
Lunch - Tuna with crackers, a bottle of Vitagen, yogurt
Dinner - Soy sauce noodle with some lotus, honey dew, oats crackers

Lunch for 29 July...

30 July
Brunch - Cheese + omelette (hubby cooked), a bottle of Vitagen, choc UHT milk
Tea - Oat crackers, some choc doughnuts
Dinner - Sushi King ~ Salmon skin, tofu, boiled egg, crab sticks, edamame

31 July
Breakfast - Oats, grapes, cornlakes, Vitagen, some Peach Melba cake
Lunch - Half slice of bread with kaya & butter spread, mini choc bun, half oats crackers
Tea - Cheese omelette, a bottle of Vitagen, mango pudding, loads of grapes, oats crackers
Dinner - Mushroom, lemon chicken with some rice, jelly cake

Happy 31st Birthday to My Hubby!

~ Posted on Sunday, July 31, 2011 at 12:55 AM ~

On the same date 1 year ago, I was just dedicating a post for my hubby's 30th birthday and now, here we are, celebrating his 31st birthday!

I've gotta be honest here, I don't really have much time and resources to get him a memorable (I don't even dare to say good) birthday present. I mean, back in the days when I don't have children yet, I could just go to a shopping mall and scout for some nice present for him. But with Ben in tow now, everywhere I plan (or think) to go, have to be thought carefully. I mean, I don't want to raise any suspicions that I'm going out to get a birthday present and at 8 months+ pregnant now, I'd really rather stay home and rest (no offense to my dearest hubby).

So, the only chance I get to look out for his birthday present was when we were out during our family outing, at which most likely Ben will be tagging along with me anyway.

Anyhoo, long story short, I managed to get something (again, I don't even dare to say it's good) but I think it'll have to do. I know I've told my hubby before that his best birthday present is his children (and now he's getting another one in 1 month time!), so I hope he'll like the present I got him. I chose it and Ben chose the color. He's got good taste! Hehehe...

I've already wrapped it up (had to sneak downstair with some wrapping paper, scissors and loytape) and had just printed out  and made this very cute birthday card template from Disney website (which I think Ben will absolutely go berserk at when he sees it)

Birthday present with the cute looking birthday card in front...

Buzz Lightyear popping out as you flipped open the birthday card! Cute eh?

We also have a simple family dinner planned out to celebrate his birthday and I've also arranged with my ever helpful SIL to get this very awesome birthday cake for my hubby (pictures later if I remember to take it hehehe...) So, I hope he'll have a memorable birthday this year!

Happy 31st birthday dear!

Read: Numbers 6:24-26 (NIV), 1 Thessalonians 3:12 (NIV), Ecclesiastes 5:18-20 (NIV)