Pregnancy at month 9...

~ Posted on Thursday, August 11, 2011 at 8:48 AM ~

Oh man... I am soooooo NOT ready! I can't believe it! I'm down to the last month of my pregnancy now! Updates for this month since my previous status updates in pregnancy at month 8 are as follow:

#1: This baby is not so SPICY BABY anymore cos mummy's been snacking on sweet stuff lately!

Other than the occassional spicy food, I've been eating more  sweet stuff... like chocolates, cakes, doughnuts and stuff... yup.. CHOCOLATES definitely! And my latest craze was McDonald's Oreo McFlurry!

I hate sharing this with Ben... really... it's like my preciousssss...

#2: Weight Gain

* Image taken from Google search

This month's weight is 57.15kg. Increase of 2kg from my last month visit.. luckily the doctor said since my pre-pregnancy weight was 46kg and I've so far gained 11.15kg, I'm still doing OK and should still be within the limit of delivering normally.

#3: Gynae check-ups

During this round of check-up, we are back to the 2D ultrasound machine. This month scanning is more to calculate the amount of amniotic fluid in my tummy. At one point, the doctor asked me a question which got me surprised...

* Image taken from Google search

Doctor: So are you still drinking milk?

Me: (Oh crap... am I supposed to?) Err.... on and off...?

Hubby: She ah... she drinks more Oreo McFlurry (thank you very much for stabbing my back right in front of the doctor, my dear!)

Me: (need to immediately defend myself) Ermm... I thought McFlurry has milk inside also? Hehehe... ?

#4: Breastfeeding during pregnancy

Even though my breastmilk production has stopped since I was in my 5th month of pregnancy, Ben is still dry suckling from me. And nowadays, I take the chance to tell him that baby is coming soon and he will have to learn to share with baby later. Sometimes he ignores me, sometimes he will nod his head, sometimes he will tell me 'teach baby nen-nen?' (aka breastfeed)

* Image taken from Google search

Again, I hope that we can go for tandem nursing when the baby is born and I hope that I could make tandem nursing works!

(*** NEW!) #5: My first leg cramp for this pregnancy!

* Image taken from Google search

New thing to report this month! At 9 months pregnant, at last I experienced my 1st leg cramp! Not that I'm happy with it but in a way, yes cos with Ben, I already started having leg cramps from 6th month onwards. And this time, the leg cramp is actually caused by my laziness... what happened was one fine morning, I woke up feeling cold and decided to just use my right leg to yank open my blanket (to cover Ben who's sleeping next to me as well) and then it happened!

A sudden shot of pain just came on and I screamed for hubby to help massaged my leg. He immediately hop over and massaged my leg. Needless to say, the cramp went off but the rest of the day left me feeling very tired - I think when I had the cramp, the energy in my whole body just went off together...

(*** NEW!) #6: Some differences compared to previous pregnancy

* Hubby said I don't have any stretch marks this round and before I could answer him, he goes on saying 'maybe cos with Ben you already stretched until no more space/skin to stretch' (thank you for your self ask, self answer question, dear!)

* I mentioned to hubby that I didn't notice any changes in my shoe size (I went from 6 to 8 and then back to 7 with Ben) and again, my smarty dearie went 'maybe cos it's already enlarged and elongated until max with Ben'.

* No heart burn experienced (yet) - yeay!!!


So there you go, updates as at 9 months pregnancy... and I'm still scheduled for fortnightly gynae check-ups for now... Pray for my smooth and safe delivery! Have a blessed week and thank you for reading!

Traumatising Playdate?

~ Posted on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 2:20 PM ~

Oh well, it was traumatising for me... not that the host is not gracious or we were ill treated during our short playdate visit. More like I was being traumatised by Ben's behaviour!

Let me rewind a bit and explain how we got to this playdate. Well, I've met Catheryn, a fellow SAHM and mummy blogger before and she has been inviting me to visit her and her daughter Isabelle since then. Busy-ness caught up, pregnancy, bla bla bla, and mostly, due to my shyness in socialising with people, so when she MSN-ed me few days ago for a playdate outing, I thought 'Oh well, there's only 1 more month before Spicy Baby is due, if not now, when?!'

So here we are, playdate all arranged. Hubby was to drop Ben and myself off at Catheryn's condo and pick us up when he finished his appointment some 2 hours later. I had earlier prepared Ben mentally by showing him pictures of Belle and Catheryn (from Facebook), telling him we are going to meet this mei-mei (aka little sister) and aunty in a short while and for him to behave and not cry (like how he did when I brought him along to have lunch with my ex-boss few days ago)

I should've seen the signs... look at Ben's fierce cool face!

We reached Catheryn's place few minutes after 11am and took a short tour around the pool and squash court area - for Ben to wind down a bit. It was getting hot so we decided to return back to her house. We chatted and watched our kids play. Initially Ben was shy and had both his hands to his back, not daring to touch anything in the house. I explained to Catheryn this is something I don't know where Ben picks up from.

Everything was fine and dandy at the beginning. Ben playing with Belle's ride-on car and Bell having her lunch while watching TV.

But boy oh boy, after Ben relax and let down his guard... that's when I started getting traumatised. Belle had graciously shared her toys and Ben, getting to play new toys decided to hang onto the toys longer and started getting territorial. He even started hitting Belle when she gets close to his vicinity. Poor girl!

I was so embarrassed with Ben's behaviour! Arghhhh... what am I to do? I don't even dare to think of going back to Catheryn's place for the next playdate (not that I can with Spicy Baby along)

At some point they played together like close friends, and then one second later, there goes Ben hitting and pushing Belle away, telling her to go away (and not stepped into his territory). Yikes!

Ben looking at Belle while she sat on the ride-on
And they switched roles after that...

Of course there are times when I am happy with what Ben did, like him picking up the toys and putting it back into the case where they belong, or the times he held few pieces of the oat crackers he's having for his lunch and gave to Belle (but not before pushing her away few minutes before that sigh...) and he even danced along to the bible action songs (the same ones we had) which he had not done for a while now, maybe now there is Belle dancing along that's why Ben participated as well.. and sorry to say, he influenced Belle to dance like him... yikes again... dancing in a big circle, spinning round and round... I hope Belle doesn't pick it up from Ben permanently!

All in all, it was a fun playdate (aside from me being traumatised and extremely embarrassed seeing Belle getting whacked by Ben), I'm glad Ben did not cry at seeing strangers (maybe cos I showed him their pictures on FB before leaving the house), I was a bit worried he might cling to me and not approach anyone (which he normally does during 1st encounter)

Next playdate? Not till I get over this trauma first... sigh... I hope Belle and Catheryn is OK and not traumatised like me...

** Just want to update: I was traumatised because Ben was usually quiet and timid at home and when he's with strangers (in fact, Ben was normally the one being bullied and end up clinging to me crying), so to be seeing him behaving like this was an eye opener for me. But my hubby said to take this as a lesson and not be discouraged or phobic as these are the times we should be correcting him the right way. Agree to that!

Pregnancy No-Nos?

~ Posted on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 at 8:44 AM ~

I had a lunch outing recently with my ex-boss (I brought Ben along) and when we were heading back to the office (I decided to wait there while my hubby came over to fetch us home), I carried Ben and my ex-boss has got the horrified look on her face.

Actually I carried Ben cos I don't want to be holding his hand and have him crossing the road with me - I mean, I'd rather carry him and cross the road than risk him slowing me down and causing any accidents... plus it was quite hot outside and I figured it'd be better (and faster) if I carry him.

Anyway, my ex-boss looked so worried seeing me carrying Ben - what more with my pregnancy at this stage and kept asking me and Ben whether she can carry him instead. She tried asking Ben to walk himself too (which he did after some persuasion). So yeah, that got me thinking... am I seriously doing one of those pregnancy no-no thingy?

*Image taken from Google search

Of course, I'm glad that I don't drink alcohol or smoke (hate it!!) or take any drugs (I didn't eve see a doctor when I had  my cough + sorethroat + runny nose + fever bouts few weeks back) or even eat any raw stuff (think sushi).

But, honestly speaking I've done some pretty scary stunts remarkable things during this round of pregnancy such as:

* Karate kick bathroom door cos hubby was stuck inside (I was about 8 months pregnant)

What actually happened was I heard a loud banging sound from the next room (hubby's home office) while I was dry nursing Ben to sleep and after a few more banging sounds, I decided to go check out what the heck is going on with my hubby at such a late hour (almost midnight).

When I went into his office, I couldn't find him anywhere and then another banging sound came again, from his bathroom. I realised then that he was stuck in his bathroom and there's no way he could get himself out without some fancy McGyver gadgets (oh well, I'd be totally freaked out if he can escaped out using some spare rolls of toilet paper or tooth brush or something)

I can't pull open the door and the only way I could help is to help him push the door inwards while he pulls it from his side. I tried using my shoulder to bang at the door, and then realised it'll be better if I just use my leg to kick the door. Yeap, the good ol' karate kick method! Wachh-aaaaaaaaa!!!!

*Image taken from Google search

I mean, I think my legs are stronger than my skeletal hands so, there you go, an 8 months preggy mum raising her right leg over 90 degrees and kicking the door with all her might. It took a few kicks before door finally bulged and I get to see my hubby's relieved face!

* Breastfeeding during pregnancy and still dry nursing as we speak now
I mean I already got some not so encouraging responses for continuing on my breastfeeding with Ben after he turned 2 years old. And what more now when people find out that I am still dry nursing (meaning no breastmilk as my BM stopped production by itself when I was in my 5th month of pregnancy) Ben while I am pregnant - even to this day, they give me weird looks. I don't know what else to say other than I'll let him nurse as long as he wants (it's part of my daily prayer as well)

* Still carrying my almost 13kg toddler around (though not for long period of time)

Like I mentioned in the first few paragraphs, I do still carry Ben around, though not for long period of time, maybe less than 10 minutes the max during each time.

Latest picture of me carrying Ben during our National Zoo outing. Check out my shirt!

I've heard of people telling me I should not carry so heavy things but I don't know, I mean, if you can just look at your child directly into his eyes and still refused to carry him when he's in pain or crying after a fall or hurt or something or after seeing your hubby got so tired carrying your child all day long then I'd think you have got something wrong in your head.... or heart...

* Running with Ben to the bathroom when he says he needs to pee

My regular blog readers will know that I'm in the midst of potty training Ben (peeing part for now) and yes, part of my self-created BE AWESOME potty training approach is to make it exciting and fun. And feeling excited and fun means I drop/stop whatever I'm doing and just RUN to the bathroom with Ben the moment he tells me he needs to pee.

Of course at almost 9 months pregnant now it does get tiring (especially if you got pranked by your mischievous toddler, and yes he does it quite well...) but I think it's worth it. And it's not like I'm running the whole day long...

* Lie down on my front

Surprisingly, just few days ago, I realised I could still lie down on my front. And read an e-book on my iPad. And then I rolled sideways and realised 'Oh crap... I totally forgot about my preggy bump!' Nothing weird happened just in case you are wondering...

* Still trying to squat as much as I can

With that I mean, if I am out and about, I try to go for the squatting type of toilets rather than the sitting down types. I read that squatting helps with contractions during labor, and I did the same thing when I was pregnant with Ben so I'm going to repeat it with this pregnancy, though I do have to be honest that nowadays, there are few times when I am feeling abit difficult to stand back up after squatting and the thoughts of getting stuck squatting does cross my mind when this happen... so, I think I'll be reducing my squatting exercises to home only...

So what about you? Any pregnancy no-nos you've heard of or practised?