2010 Christmas Cards...

~ Posted on Wednesday, December 29, 2010 at 12:40 PM ~

In this age of modern technology, it's not often we get to receive Christmas cards anymore. People would rather go for sending Christmas greetings via Facebook (guilty!), Twitter (guilty cos my FB status goes to Twitter automatically!), blog post (guilty!) or the common method of e-cards now.

So it was a real surprise for me this year to be getting not one, but TWO Christmas cards! Actual Christmas cards! What a nice feeling that is! It's kinda big deal since we don't really get any greetings card anymore!

The first was from one of the PR company I worked with where I get to review a couple of awesome music albums this year. I love the fact that they took the trouble to do this, I mean, I'm sure I'm not the only blogger working with them, so this is quite an honor to be remembered and thought of in this joyful season! Take a look:

2010 Christmas Card
My address shaded to protect my privacy hehehe...
2010 Christmas Card
The front cover of the card... creative!
2010 Christmas Card
The Christmas & New Year greetings...
2010 Christmas Card
A handwritten note with signatures from the PR team!

The second card arrived just today, from hubby's aunt in Sydney. Ben ever the curious boy, immediately took hold of the card and start investigating...

2010 Christmas Card
"Hmm.. beautiful color! I like red!"
"Let me see, this is D, this is E, this..."

And then he flashed us his cheeky smile as if he has managed to read out the greetings from our aunty Patricia to us... Cheeky boy!

So, there you go... our 2 Christmas cards for 2010. Nice thoughtful and memorable cards. Thank you, Amanda of Lafamos PR and Branding and to our dear Aunty Patricia for thinking of us and for your trouble in sending the cards all the way to us in Malaysia!

Yummy Christmas Gifts...

~ Posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2010 at 10:08 AM ~

What a hectic month!

(*Image taken from Microsoft clipart)

As usual, every year in December, hubby and I will get busy cracking up our heads thinking of what gifts to give his business clients for Christmas. I have only started taking pictures of the gifts from 2008 and it was also the year we mostly DIY and made the gifts ourselves. We thought that it would be a nice gesture, with the added personal touch and feel to the gifts.

For 2008's Christmas, we bought some 3 feet tall Christmas tree, bought tons and tons of sweet treats ranging from mini packets of M&Ms, Toblerones, mini packets of raisins, and not to forget mini packs of junk foods. (yes, yes, what an unhealthy choice of food!) I still remember hubby telling me someone in the elevator asked him  whether the gift is for sale and whether he could order one too! (while hubby delivered the gifts personally to one of his clients)

Hubby set up the tree and prepared the box for the base while I helped out in stapling each and every treats to a wool string before hanging them to the tree branches and decorating them at the same time. Mind you, I was 7 months pregnant with Ben at the time, so it was quite a feat to be doing all this decoration then!

For 2009's Christmas, still not too far from previous year's sweet treats, hubby thought that we should give the sweet treats in a candy jars. So we bought some glass candy jars from Ikea, bought some Famous Amos cookies, bought tons of sweet treats again and stuff everything into the glass jars and wrapped them up in a nice fluffy red ribbons.

For this year's Christmas gifts, hubby and I thought of sticking to the same sweet treats idea but with a bit of a twist, in the sense that I baked some cookies as part of the Christmas treats. The original idea was for me to bake enough cookies to fit into 2 biscuit tins (1 large, 1 small) but after baking a few batches which could only fit into 2 big and 2 small tins, I gave up and told hubby it was really tiring and hectic for me to be doing all those baking with Ben around. As much as I wanted to bake all those cookies, I really had to accept the fact that I simply can't take this challenge...

In the end, hubby asked me whether we could put the few batches of cookies I made into all the smaller size tins while we put sweet treats into the bigger tins. I mulled over the idea and thought it's a good solution in the sense that all the clients will still get to try my cookies (although they are all squeezed into the smaller tins) and we are still able to give both the big and small biscuit tins to each clients at the same time.

Picture below are some of the bigger size biscuit tins which I stuff all the sweet treats like M&Ms, Toblerones, Cloud 9, marshmallows (4 different flavors), Cadbury's  & Merci chocolate, and many more which I can't remember. My head was only thinking 'I've gotta stuff all this in! I've gotta stuff all this in!'

And this is a shot of one of the smaller size biscuit tins, packed with my Shortbread Shape cookies. I packed about 6-10 cookies into each individually sealed plastic pouch so that it's easy for the clients to just take 1 pack instead of opening and closing to take a few and then letting the air into the tins making the cookies lose their freshness and crispness.

For the wrapping part, I stacked the smaller tin on top of the bigger tin and then I tied them with the fluffy red ribbons. Noticed how the ribbons ended at the smaller tins? Creative eh?

As for the greeting card to the clients, hubby came up with the Christmas greetings which I then copied and paste the text onto a template I downloaded from Microsoft. I then printed out the text greetings using color printer onto some A4 size papers. To give them an added ooompfhh with a tougher feel, I decided to recycle some greeting cards we got in exchange for a donation to a charity organisation. I cut the required size and glued the greetings to the recycled greeting cards. I even got Ben to help me glue some of the greetings text.

And this is how the final gift looks like!I present to you,

Christmas gifts for 2010!!

I don't think I will dare to attempt such a big scale of baking at any moment now, especially when Ben still needs my attention most of the time as I could only do my baking when he is taking his daytime nap (about 2-3 hours) or when there is someone taking care of him (such as hubby and my niece, Bonnie who helps out a great deal watching over Ben when she spends her daytime at our place after school).

In summary, it took lots and lots of planning and co-operation from the entire family members to play their part in order to produce this year's Christmas gifts. I would say, it was tiring but it was well worth it.

Now the next thing on the list to do is to get Christmas gifts for our 10 nieces and nephews (ranging from 3 year old to 16 years old) and our dearest Benjamin...

Time to crack our heads again...

The Person I Admire...

~ Posted on Thursday, December 9, 2010 at 9:11 AM ~

We've been having our 11 year old niece (her name is Bonnie) over at our place for about 2 weeks now. Her dad would pick her up from school, make sure she had her lunch and she will normally finished up her homework before coming over to our place (about 5 minutes by car) and spends the day playing with Ben or just relaxing. Normally, she'll be either playing computer games or watching toddler bible action videos or Disney shows we taped for Ben or playing with Ben when he had his water pool activities or coloring activities.

About a week ago, she brought along her homework, which is to write a short essay about the person she admires and after deciding between hubby and I, she decided to settle on me! Since I'm practically at home and easy for her to refer and ask questions to, we went ahead with her idea and I helped her along by giving her  more details about myself, such as my age, that I'm a SAHM now and am taking care of Ben full-time.

She wrote the rest of the essay and when she's done, I asked her whether I could read it and it's so nice reading something that other people wrote about you. And particularly written from a child (cos I know children don't lie and what comes out of their mouth is total innocence and has no ulterior motives or whatsoever)

I couldn't resist taking pictures of the essay cos it's the only proof I'm going to have that I am the person she admires! (for now that is...) I've intentionally shade off her details and my whereabouts due to privacy concerns.

THe most gentle person she knows? Me?!! Awwwwwww...

And I am happy to have a niece like you too, Bonnie!

Thank you for spending your after school time with Ben and you've been a great help to us!