Good Things Keep Coming!

~ Posted on Wednesday, October 6, 2010 at 12:14 AM ~

Was supposed to post this on Monday which was the day when the good things all came rolling but could only write it up on Monday late night and scheduled for it to be published today. So here it goes:

#1: A whopping TEN books came on the same day for me to review!

The above was the first 9 toddler books which arrived on Monday morning. I was at the kitchen showing the books to my MIL when the 10th book (a parenting book) arrived via UPS delivery. If only you could see my non-stop grinning and happy face!

With this latest addition, I have on my hand now the following items to review:

* Hardcopy: 9 toddler books, 1 parenting book

* Softcopy: 2 cooking books

* 1 baby product, 1 household product

I need to mention there are some more books and products which are making their way to me... God is awfully good to us! God, thank you so much for all this opportunity! Keep em' coming!

#2: Blog followers / visitors using Internet Explorer are able to post comments in my blog now!

Previously, I had this pain in the arse bug in my blog engine which disallow my blog readers to leave their sweet comments in my blog if they are using Internet Explorer. No matter how I tried and test, it just doesn't allow me to leave a comment. The screen just tried to submit the comment and hang after a while. It has been going on some time and I ended up installing the Google Comment widget as a temporary fix while waiting for miracle to happen the bug to be fix.

During the weekend, I took out some widget codes on my sidebar and next thing I know, I was browsing some websites using Internet Explorer and decided to post a test comment on my blog comment and voila! I couldn't believe it myself either and had to test a few rounds before finally accepting this great news! I'm going to let my Google Comment widget remain for a while longer before I take out the code as well (just in case...) so, please do drop me a comment if you're using IE to surf Net so that I know the bug is really gone for now!

#3: 19 months celebrations!

My little man turns 19 months old on Monday, which also marks my 19th month of breastfeeding him!

#4: Potty training mini milestone!

Hubby and I do not wish to force Ben into potty training unless he's absolutely ready for it but one of the books which came on Monday is a potty training book for boys (I'm a sucker for childrens' books which geared towards each side of the gender) and I requested for this particular book so that I could read up and be prepared when the time comes one day.

Since I have 10 hardcopies of books waiting for my review, I was just flipping through the pages and making up my own version of the story as I go along the book with Ben.

When we're done, he walked to our bathroom with me trailing behind, and he sat on one of the potty! (We had two different potty for Ben to try which we just leave in the bathroom so that he gets familiar with seeing it) I was so excited with this sight cos' previously, no matter how we coaxed him into trying to sit on it, he would just shake his head and walked off. But on this memorable day, he walked towards one, sat on it, then walked to the other, sat on it. And walked off and continued playing. Leaving me dumbfounded and wishing I had taken my camera along to record that... never mind, I have not started the review for the book officially anyway, just want to note down that it's pretty amazing to have such a positive milestone!

To end this post, I would like to thank God again for blessing us with all these!

Read: John 1:16 (NIV)

My Workspace Makeover...

~ Posted on Saturday, October 2, 2010 at 12:49 AM ~

I just had a makeover for my workspace! I totally forgot to take the pictures before and am lazy to search through my shared drive looking for the pictures with my previous workspace look.

So anyway, hubby helped me moved over one of our Ikea's bookcase so that there's more organised space for me to stuff in the on growing books (from my reviews) and Ben's books and toys.

Previously, the bookcase was right outside, next to our bathroom and Ben loves to crawl through the bottom 4 shelves - sort of like a tunnel. The bottom 4 shelves were empty because of Ben and with him growing taller everyday, the top 4 shelves are in danger of being emptied, so we decided to move the bookcase over to my working space so that I can still make use of the shelves.


The after look...

Bookcase now at the side wall, my working table shifted few feet to the right to make space to squeeze in the bookcase. I slapped on a cute little height chart sticker on the side to keep track of my little man's height.

Top 4 shelves are fully utilised to put office files (noticed hubby's business documents and filing right on top secured with 2 book ends),  some files in magazine boxes, my cooking books, Ben's books and coloring stuff, bibles and inspirational books.

Now, below is the front look of what's in the bookcase shelves... Potentially easy for Ben to grab things (his coloring stuff and books) are on the top shelf, while the not so often used items but will be use (one day!) are situated in the inner shelves.

I feel much more organised now though I'm still getting used to the new location of the stuff around the me on the table hehehe... but still, am so glad for the makeover! And of course,

No more Ben doing this...

And Then I Panicked...

~ Posted on Thursday, September 30, 2010 at 10:48 AM ~

Sometime last year hubby was doing some spring cleaning and found my wedding ring! My precious precious diamond wedding ring!!!

A picture of my wedding ring taken during ROM (registration of marriage) in 7th Nov 07'

I have long forgotten where I kept it cos I took it off (no, I am not divorcing hubby, and no, we're not fighting) somewhere around my 7th month pregnancy.

Talking about how I took off my wedding ring - hahaha.. brings back started out like this..

Date: Somewhere around my 7th month pregnancy, which is January 2009

Time: Wee hours in the morning, around 2-3am

Venue: On our bed.


What happened was, I was lying on the bed, thinking how long will it be before my baby is going to come out and how will he look like and then my thoughts wandered off to things like, my tummy is getting heavier... the nerve pain on my left foot is getting more frequent lately, and later on according to my colleagues, I will start to bloat off and my feet will swell up.

Then I looked at my ring and I thought "Oh crap. If I swell up and then I can't take off this ring what happened when I keep swelling up?!" Then my ever imaginative brain started to conjure up images of my body all swollen up and I'm on the labour ward and my hands and fingers are all swollen up and red because the ring is too tight to be taken off and the doctors said they need to saw off my finger to take out the ring so that my blood circulation will not be restricted anymore... and I quickly get off the bed and went to the toilet.

And started taking off my ring. That's when my sh*tty problem began. I managed to pull it down by 1cm and then it got stuck. I took a deep breath and told myself, OK, we'll try again tomorrow. So I pushed the ring back to its original position and it wouldn't budge. Crap... super crapola...

What started as an innocent (and stupid horror imagination) act to take off the ring turns into a frenzy of pulling up and down the ring - it lasted for about half an hour, of which by then my ring finger has turned red and sore.  And then I really panicked cos the ring will not move and my finger is really starting to swell. I tried the hand wash, the shampoo, the bath lotion, my hand lotion, nothing works... crapppppppp!!!!

So, I washed my hand, walked to hubby who is already in la-la-land long long ago.. and woke him up. Imagine if you are my hubby, who is deep in sleep and was nudged off awaking to a figure with long shouldered length hair standing right next to you and the figure is flashing her hand to you without saying anything.. hahahaha... hubby jumped up and said what's wrong, why am I standing there and waving my hand.

So I relate the whole incident to him and asked him to help me take off the ring, or at least push it back down to its position. Then the laser show began... I mean, his laser mouth... 'Why you take off the ring for?" "Why don't you tell people when you do this type of thing?" "See, your finger swollen up if no blood circulation affect baby how?!!!!" "What are you thinking!!!!"

Gaaaaaaaa.... after about an hour of massaging my finger with baby oil, the swell reduces a bit, enough for hubby to push the ring back to its position. Then he told me to go to sleep, don't do any funny thing already. Wait till the swell subsides, then slowly try again.

The next day at work, my finger is all red and you can practically see the area where we tried to move the ring up and down... but every now and then I will be trying to shift the ring around, trying to get it off. Finally almost near afternoon at work, I managed to take off the ring! Woohoooo!!! When I got home, I kept that ring in a pouch which hubby found today and placed into a proper jewelry box for me!

I won't be wearing the ring for now, scared it might scratch Ben... so it's gonna stay in the jewelry box for now...

(* Note: I'm reposting this from my old blog for this week's Writer's Workshop meme)