What Have I Done?!

~ Posted on Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 9:15 AM ~

Note to self: This is a reminder and lesson for me to think before doing something to Ben in the future... even if it is originally meant as a joke... or to entertain Ben...

You see, one fine day in the car, Ben was playing with his craft work from Sunday school. It was this 'fish' made from a paper plate with round stickers on the 'fish body' which is meant to be the scales. Ben was getting fussy and I decided to peel off one of the stickers and stuck it on his hand. He smiled. And then I peeled another and stuck it on his face. And then he cheered up and all the fuss is forgotten.

Last week, during a trip to visit hubby's friend, Ben played with the 'fish' craftwork again...

and see what he does to himself...

(** Note: I have nothing to do with it cos I was busy laughing at what Ben did Tongue out)...

Sigh... Jenny, Jenny... Look at what you've done to Ben!

No more next time okay? Embarassed

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Lisa~Korean American Mommy

Ben is too cute! The things that make a toddler happy (= Thanks for voting. Not sure if it was done correctly thoughas Foodbuzz did not send out a email until later in the day. sigh


Hey Jenny!  Hehe.... but do you realise that you can actually apply the same thing to other things that you DO want him to imitate? Hehe Tong  i.e. habits that you want him to develop or things that you want him to learn..... imagine that Tong

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Lisa!
Thanks for your comment. All the best in the PFB challenge!

Hey Wei Yun!
Of course, actually Ben is quite a fast learner and we taught him lots of things but this one is unintentional one! Just one time for joke and to cheer him out and he remembers! Luckily no more stickers for him to stick on! Tong

Polly (aka 5th Sister)

Ben is just way too cute! What is it about stickers? My son adored wearing them...on his face, in his hair, on his arms, etc...

I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Polly!
Hahahaha... thanks for your compliments. Ben loves sticking those stickers all over his body too! Particularly around his forehead area... hmmmm... ;|


LOL!! He's adorable!!  My little guy has a habit of putting stickers on...um...other areas of his body!! Kids!!

i'm following by gfc super late (I'm not sure why I didn't get email notificatoins) from pitch it.

I'm a full-time mummy

Hello Brett!

Thanks for your compliments! Oh, and the follow too. I'm already a follower of your blog Smile

Tracy Poh

Hey there,

I saw this blog. Me & hubby couldn't stop laughing at how cute Ben was.

I'm a full-time mummy

Hello Tracy!
Thank you for visiting! And thanks for your compliments on my mischievous Ben ;P

Hope you enjoyed browsing through my blog Laughing

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