The Joy of LOVE - Wedding Band

~ Posted on Monday, February 14, 2011 at 3:36 PM ~

Today's prompt is: "Capture that wedding band on his finger today."

Now, this is the closest picture I can find that shows my hubby's hand (with his wedding ring) and my then 2 weeks old dear Benjamin.

So here's my submission for the day:

Hubby wiping 2 weeks old Ben after his sponge bath...

A bit of story about this picture:

As Chinese, most of us expecting parents will rush to hire a confinement lady (kinda like a doula but they only work after the child's birth and normally for a month duration) and with Ben, we wanted everything to be in place too. We hired our confinement lady (CL) when I was 7th month pregnant and was all ready and counting down to the few months left before Ben's arrival.

Unfortunately, our CL broke her leg during a holiday trip 2 weeks before I was due to deliver and at the last minute, we were not able to find any replacement and we decided maybe this is God's way of telling us to trust onto Him when all things fail (and also that we shouldn't really plan everything too far ahead and not trust on Him!)  So, hubby took a month off work to be my confinement lady (CL) after I delivered Ben. And yeah, we ended up doing our own confinement and as a result, we bonded closer with each other and with Ben too and not to mention, we save quite a bit of money from not needing to hire the CL.

And so, for the first month, hubby practically took care of caring for Ben (other than feeding cos I direct breastfeed Ben since we brought him home from the hospital). Hubby bathed Ben, changed his diapers, clothes, everything.

So this picture really brings back lots of sweet memories and I'm glad to have this awesome man as my hubby! (And yeah, he's going to be my confinement lady again when our second child comes along heheheh..)

Oh, and did I tell you that this ring was worn since we first started going out as a couple? That was like back in 1999!

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Catheryn  @ Pink Bibs

nice picture and I am sure it brings back lots of heartwarming memories.  


Aww....that is so sweet. My hubby didn't dare to shower Tricia until now. He is afraid that he might drop her. I am sure you'll deifnitely miss those moments when you look back at photoes like this.

Miki Chua

lucky you !
wore since 1999 means... he had not grown fatter... Laughing

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Catheryn!
Oh yes, this picture is very memorable!

Hi Tracy!
Until now still dare not bath your lil' girl?! Must let him try! It's really a fun and enjoyable activity!

Hey Miki!
Wah.. my dear hubby is going to be so happy when he reads your comment of him not growing fatter hahahahahah...


That is sweet! And I'd like to know more about this "confinement lady" and "confinement". It's wonderful that you and hubbs and baby got to bond so much. I'm sure you loved all of the attention and help. Completely agree about trusting in Him. Things like that always happen to me to remind me. Oh, and my husband rarely wears his wedding band because he has to take it off for his job.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Elysia!

I'm not sure where does this confinement practises originates from but a lot of Chinese people follows it. It normally goes on for a month, and these confinement ladies are usually experienced in caring for new mums and newborns.

Their job other than caring for the new mums and newborns also includes cooking special dishes which are consumed during confinement period (like those type of food that can regulates/improves back the new mums blood circulation after giving birth etc etc) and washing their clothes though newer confinement ladies tend to ask new mums to wear disposable panties (so that they don't need to wash their undergarments).

There are other beliefs that new mums must follow which confinement ladies will commonly stressed upon them - like they can't bath for a month (even if they did, they have to bath with a special herb boiled water), they can't be exposed to cold air, they have to cover up as much as possible, they cannot sleep with their husband during confinement period, etc etc.

These are some of the basic ones that I know of although I'm sure there are lots more to learn (but we don't know since we did our own confinement without following those rules and stuff)


You really have an awesome husband, Jenny! And he reads your blog!


That was sweet. My hubby never like wearing rings, so right after the wedding dinner the ring is at the locker in a bank's safe till today. He only got to wear it for the photo shooting and the dinner. Hahahah and I can't even remember how his ring actually look like now after so long. But I still wear mine when we go out for dinners and gatherings.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Carolyn!
Oh yes, my hubby is awesome! Laughing And he's my blog reader too hahahaha..

Hey Aries!
Thanks for sharing your story! Smile


Your hubby was the perfect confinement lady! Will he serve as CL again this time? Smile

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Steph!
Yes, he is! And yes, he'll definitely be my CL lady again ;)

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