The Weird Things I Did Before I Found Out I Was Pregnant...

~ Posted on Wednesday, February 16, 2011 at 2:59 PM ~

I read in the Internet how some new expecting mummies were worried about what they did prior to them knowing they were pregnant, things like drinking a bit too much of some alcoholic stuff, or smoking a bit too much and so on. I don't drink and I don't smoke but boy oh boy, I did some weird stuff before I found out I was pregnant...

Now, I found out I was pregnant with Ben in July 2008 and few weeks before that, I did this:

Yes, ladies and gentlemen... that is FLYING FOX. I accompanied my hubby to one of his teambuilding activities in his business and participated along in this flying fox activity. Climbed up to that really high platform, got myself strapped all over, armed with the wobbly helmet and just a strap to hang onto, I flew off from the platform and landed on the opposite site onto this flat ground area. All of this happened when I didn't even realised I'm already pregnant!

And few weeks before finding out we're expecting now, we went on a family trip to Genting and hubby and I sat on this while my brother in law babysit Ben for a while.

(Image taken from Google search)

This my friend, is one of the outdoor rides in Genting Highland, called "Flying Dragon". It's a roller coaster ride which adults and children with specific height can go for. Hubby and I tried it after much persuasion by his brother that we should just try it before we get older and got scared of roller coaster rides!

So yeah, both pregnancies, I'm in some sort of 'flying' activities prior to finding out I'm pregnant.

What about you? Any weird, funny, creepy, scary or memorable things you did before you realised you were pregnant?

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Catheryn  @ Pink Bibs

Way to go!! You are such a 'flying' mummy!

I remember going to karaoke with my sister (yes, just the 2 of us because we are singing kakis) to sing a whole afternoon about 1 week before I found out I was pregnant with Isabelle.  And as you know, karaoke music is very loud (full blast).  I know it is no big deal but I feel a bit guilty why did I let Isabelle 'suffer' such loud noise and my bad singing at such 'tender age'. Smile


Those are great!!  I'm boring - I was so sick within days of getting pregnant that both times I thought I had the flu.


LOL. I'm sure next time your both children also love to FLY. hehe.

My first pregnancy I went on a trip to Bali. So luckily nothing happened after I found out.

My second pregnancy, I don't think I did anything weird. LOL. But I did try to recall whether I drank any red wine at a friend's wedding or not. I still can't recall till now. LOL.

Mama Hen

Oh my goodness! That is pretty neat! I remember wathcing my friend pregnant with her third baby and she was diving in the pool all the time right before she delivered. She did so much! That baby is the cutest thing! I hope you are doing well my friend. Have a great day!

Mama Hen

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Catheryn!
Wah singing mummy! I remember reading in an article that baby start hearing things from the womb at about 18 weeks or so, so no worry lah! Smile

Hey Aurie!
Oh you poor thing! Thanks for sharing your stories! Smile

Hey Carolyn!
Thanks for sharing your stories! Smile

Hey Mama Hen!
Wow! Your friend is pretty cool to be diving before she delivered! Thanks for sharing your story and have a great weekend!

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