Pregnancy at month 6...

~ Posted on Thursday, May 19, 2011 at 8:56 AM ~

Alrighteyyyy, we are cruising into the 6th month of my pregnancy now! Updates for this month since my previous status updates in pregnancy at month 5 are as follow:

#1: This baby is STILL a SPICY BABY!

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I'm still wolfing down spicy food at month number 6 though lately I've also been eating more sweet stuff... like chocolates, cakes, doughnuts and stuff...

#2: Weight Gain

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I have gained 3 extra kg for this month, making it to 52kg now. Even the doctor said this the first thing when he looked at my current stats compared to previous month stats, but then he went 'Hmm... still OK, we will continue to monitor'. Uh-huh... I think I should slow down the weight gain as I remembered when I was pregnant with Ben, my 2nd gynae advised us that in order to have a natural birth, I should maintain my weight gain to less than 56kg (or maximum 11kg from my pre-pregnancy weight)

#3: Gynae check-ups

We're still continuing on our check-ups at the hospital where I gave birth to Ben 2 years ago. During this round of check-up, we tried out the 4D ultrasound machine again and still, I am not able to see with my own eyes the gender of Spicy Baby. He or she is always on his/her sides and closing legs... what is there to see? Though again, the doctor and hubby repeated their own predictions, I still choose NOT to believe them until I see with my own eyes... so ladies and gentlemen... gender = unknown yet... Spicy Baby's weight as of now: 576gms which doc said it's normal range.

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Also, I will need to go for glucose test in the next check up, it was a routine thing according to the doctor for pregnant woman at her 7th month to do. We are planning to take the test at our family doctor instead of at the hospital as I need to wait about 2 hours to take the blood test. The routine goes something like this:

* Midnight (the day before) until 8am the next day = Fasting, can only take plain water
* 8am = Go to family doctor and take blood test (before), then drink the glucose solutions given by doctor
* 8am - 10am = Fasting again, can only take plain water
* 10am = Go to family doctor again and take blood test (after)

#4: Breastfeeding during pregnancy

I mentioned in the previous month update that I think my breastmilk production has been reduced to almost nothing. If not mistaken when I was about 21 weeks pregnant, my BM has stopped but Ben is still suckling like nothing changes. But I can tell he's doing so for comfort nursing  as he only suckles me when he's about to go for his daytime nap and bedtime at night (each time around 10 minutes to half hour duration - depending how playful he is) But these few days lately I have noticed little signs of my BM coming back.

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So yeah, I do hope that we can go for tandem nursing when the baby is born. And I hope that I could make tandem nursing works!

#5: My itchy belly?

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My very itchy belly during month 5 has tapered down, thanks to my ermm... quite irregular use of J&J baby oil. Sometimes I forgot to apply it after I took my bath but nowadays, I make an effort to do my best to remember to apply it. So, I'm happy to report that itchy tummy is not that itchy anymore!

(*** NEW!) #6: Childbirth Fears

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New thing to report this month... I've been reliving memories of giving birth to Ben, I can actually think back the contractions and labor pains moments before I pushed Ben out of me... whoaaaa... I wonder how will it be like with Spicy Baby?

Of course with Ben, I didn't even know my contractions started already until I was on the way to the hospital (was supposed to admit myself to be induced due to low amniotic fluid) and counting from 1cm (midnight) to 10cm, it took me 4.5 hours to get Ben out. I was wheeled into the labor room at 2am+ (was at 4cm  then) and by 4.30am, Ben was out!

And it doesn't help with people around telling me that subsequent births will be wayyyyyyyyyyyy faster... gulp... of course, I do want my delivery to be fast and over as soon as possible but I am kinda paranoid of ermm.. giving birth in the car on the way to the hospital?

So, question to mums with more than 1 child:

Can you share your experience of giving birth to your second (and subsequent if any) child? Like was it much more painful? Longer? Faster? More painful than the previous one? Anything?

So there you go, updates as at 6 months pregnancy... have a blessed week and thank you for reading!

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Everybody told me the 2nd and 3rd labour are usually easier.  Wasn't the case for me.  Micha, my 2nd boy couldn't be delivered naturally cause apparently his head got stuck.  His birth weight was 3.72kg.  My 3rd one, Mikkel had to go for Caeser cause he was a breeched baby.  

prince n princess mum

2nd time is far more faster...

Happy pregnancy!~


Hi Jenny,
We are searching for Putrajaya Hospital O&G and found your site.

My wife expected to deliver on Dec 2011 and we are interest on the Full

Paying Patient (FPP) and plan to do pregnancy check up at the hospital on

this Saturday,
did we need to make appointment before visiting?
need to specify doctor or arrange by hospital?

BTW, how to differentiated FPP and non-FPP in the hospital, same

place/department? managed by different doctors and nurses?  

Could we suggest a plan C-section in Putrajaya Hospital?

Thank You for your sharing and advice


Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Wei Yun,
Wah scary! Hope mine is natural again and no problem! Thanks for sharing your experience!

Hi prince n princess mum!
Thanks for sharing your experience! Glad to hear your subsequent one is faster!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hello HoHH!

Welcome to my humble blog! You can read more from HPJ website at:

The specialist doctors are only available on weekdays 8am to 5pm (no problem for me since I'm a SAHM now but with my 1st child, I had to take MC or leave to go for the check-ups)

As far as I can tell, there's no differentiation between FPP and non FPP though I make sure my cards and medical books showed the word FPP real big and bold hehehe... during check up & admission time, you need to let them know you are under FPP scheme cos you'll have to make payment first (RM60 to register your check up everytime) and the rest is after consultation.

As for doctors and nurses, all are same, just that as an FPP patient, you get to jump queue (while the rest wait on since they are paying nothing).

There are some specialist which are open to C-sect but generally, HPJ is a very pro natural birth and very pro breastfeeding hosp (the main reason we choose it despite the 1 hr journey to the hosp).

Hope the above helps! Feel free to ask more! Smile


The specialist doctors are only available on weekdays 8am to 5pm,
what would happen if deliver out of these time?
Saturday morning is not possible for a pregnancy check up?
I work in private while my wife is school teacher.
Taking leave for check up would reduce my Annual Leave which I reserved for delivery time and for my new-born baby.

The ward for FPP and non FPP is the same?
Would the service level different among these two group of patient?

Thank You very much for your comprehensive information.

Hong Heng


I'm not sure whether #2 will come faster then #1.. that's what they traditionally say as my #2 and #3 were by scheduled c-section and I never really got to feel or experience natural labour with my #1 who refused to budge even though he was induced at 2 days it started the cycle of C-sections.


I gave birth to my 1st by caesarean and my 2nd by natural. So, I can't really tell you how's it going to be with a 2nd. The only thing I can tell you is that epidural is a no-brainer for me. I had the most comfortable, pain-free childbirth for my 2nd. I was in lala land and I truly enjoyed the whole process of giving birth naturally to my 2nd one. Don't worry-la, you can do it!!


Newest follower from the hopSmile check me out at whenever you can

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hello again HoHH!

My current doc is only available Tues-Fri, Monday he reserves for his operations and other duties. My previous gynae at HPJ luckily was on duty at night when I was due to deliver. Am not sure who will be in charge if your doctor is not around when your wife is due to deliver, but I guess, if this could happen in HPJ, it could definitely happen at any other hospitals! I mean, we cannot expect our doc to be at the hospital 24 hours a day right? Tong

I can see non FPP patients were attended by other docs and midwives in HPJ - am not sure whether the service level are of any difference but I felt like a VIP there hehehehe...

When I was pregnant with my 1st child, we also go for private doc cos we can arrange for check up on weekends, but when I was at my 7th months, we switched to HPJ and from there, I either take leave or get my doctor to write an MC for me.

I do agree we have to conserve as much of our annual leaves as possible, when I was working last time, even when I was sick also I don't take MC (until my boss scolded me to take) so I broke this rule when I was pregnant. Of course I don't abuse the MC thing, just alternate take leave and MC until I deliver.

Everything is the same in HPJ, only that as FPP you will have to pay for your check up and services rendered (and bcos of that, I feel better service)

If you want, I will try to write up a post about HPJ and FPP so that you can see it clearer rather than I explain on and off in this post Tong

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Dominique!
My friends told me that you cannot have children after 3 C-sects. Is that true?

Hi Germaine aka mom2kiddos!
Wah lucky you, no need to feel the pain! I was only relying on God, and the laughing gas to get me through... that and clawing at my husband's hands hehehehe... I don't want to go for epidural or whatever jabs, thank God hubby remembered e can use the laughing gas mask! (Enthonox)

Hello Roe!
Thanks for the follow! I have returned the favor, hope to see you back in my blog sometime! Smile


hi! hi! called the hospital and confirmed NO clinic service on Saturday and Sunday.
This is a government hospital, after all
I guess the MC could be issue to mother to be but not father to be Wink

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi HoHH!
Aiya, already told you specialist doctors are only available on weekdays 8am to 5pm, but nvm, good for you to find out also Smile

I guess got pros and cons - if you go private hosp, you can check up on weekends, but higher fees and when I went to SJMC earlier, I still have to wait sometimes up to an hour for my turn like the rest and pay high fees also.

If you go gov hosp (btw, I was told HPJ is semi private), cheaper and can be FOC also but the queue you have to bear, but then like FPP scheme in HPJ you can jump queue.. and we realised appointments after lunch time is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  faster.. can be done in half hour also. Just that the distance for us is quite far, other than that, no complains from us.

Hope you both are able to find a suitable hospital!


It's been too long since I've taken the time to visit my fellow bloggers!  I've missed out on so much of your pregnancy!!!!  I can't believe you are this far along already! WOW!

My second birth was entirely different than my first.  My oldest was over and out in 3 hours (or a little less) and although very painful, manageable.  My second was a 48 hour event of contractions and pain that didn't dialate my cervix so I had to have medical intervention.  

Don't stress.  God is in control.  You WILL be fine!!!

Also - as far as my giveaway goes, I haven't heard back from the company yet if it's open to outside the USA/Canada.  I had never thought to ask!  I'll keep you posted!

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Katie!

Oh don't worry about it, I know you've been busy after switching to focus on 1 blog now. But yes, I'm in my 2nd trimester already! Thank you for sharing your childbirth experience and for your support! I trust that God will help me through this time again! Smile


Wah you really want to know? Won't it give you even more fear? Anyway, since you asked, my second one, the contraction was greater than the first. So it was super painful. Maybe because my second one was bigger size than my first born. As for the duration, the second one was faster. Smile Good luck! You can do it. Oh btw, both my children were delivered naturally.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Carolyn!
Thanks for sharing your experience! Wah, greater contraction but faster delivery, OK noted noted! Thanks for your support!



May i ask how much you paid for ur natural delivery under FPP in HPJ?


Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi bethia!

For my 1st child, we pay RM1,400.
For 2nd child, RM1,300. Maybe cheaper cos the gynae who was supposed to attend to me was on holiday (due back to work the day after I delivered sigh...) so I was attended by a normal doctor.

FYI, if you go under FPP, you can choose to go under the specialist gynaes. So I think the other gynaes there who are not under the special FPP list command lower charges. But nevertheless, the gynae who delivered my baby is very good!

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