My Second Supernatural Childbirth...

~ Posted on Friday, September 23, 2011 at 8:40 AM ~

This is the story of my 2nd supernatural childbirth... you can read about my 1st supernatural childbirth in my old blog. Here goes:

1st September 2011 ~ 11.15pm

Started feeling some mild period-like cramps. Brushed off thoughts on contractions starting. But still took a pen to note down the time and date... and waited for the next period-like cramp...

1st September 2011 ~ 11.25pm

Crap... 10 minutes apart?!!! With Ben that time, I'm already halfway to my hospital already! Dutifully wrote down the time and date again...and prayed the next period-like cramps will not be exact 10 minutes apart... cos if it is, then this is real contractions!

1st September 2011 ~ 11.29pm

Oh-kayyyyy... 4 minutes difference now... so this is Braxton-Hicks... I think....

* Image taken from Google search

Anyway, to spare you the details, I repeated the time and date log until 2.44am, at which in between, I actually popped into hubby's office and casually told him that I'm having Braxton-Hicks since 11pm+ and told him to pray it's not turning to regular interval which will mean true contractions as it is almost 3am now and I AM VERY SLEEPY....

I have been going to bed around 3-4am with this second pregnancy and I really wanted to sleep... SERIOUSLY...

And you know what my hubby said? "I think I better mop the floors". I was like 'Huh?! What?!' And he went "There's no time to mop floors already if you're going to give birth soon. I've gotta make sure the floors are clean when baby comes."

* Image taken from Google search

Woh-kayyyyyyy.... whatever dear... I am heading to bed...

And he came into bed not long after and we decided to watch an episode of some shows (forgot which, could be How I Met Your Mother or Two and a Half Men) and I continued logging the date and time I experienced the period-like cramps on my iPad (I downloaded some free apps days before that to track the intervals of the contractions)

When the intervals get regular - ermm... like 10 minutes each time, I woke up my hubby (who was happily snoring) and told him we should get ready and head to the hospital. It was 4am then. I got ready, changed, kissed and hugged Ben one last time and hubby woke up his mum and asked her to take care of Ben (she came into our room and rest there) and we left our house at 4.38am.

2nd September 2011 ~ 5am+

Reached the labor ward building and registered myself at the reception counter. Hubby came in after he parked his car and I was told to go into one of the room and the nurse took my blood pressure and weight and told me to lie on one of the bed and proceeded to hook me up to one of those machine to check whether I'm having true or false contractions... and the agonising wait started...

2nd September 2011 ~ 6am+

By now, my period-like cramps is every 5 minutes and one of the doctor in-charge told me I'm having real contractions but I'm just 2cm dilated. Hubby went to do the procedure to get my own suite so that I could rest there. I remembered SMS-ing hubby asking him whether my room is ready cos I'm REALLY REALLY SLEEPY and HUNGRY. He replied that he got me a Trump suite, and by Trump suite he actually meant he got me a room all to myself which is what I wanted (I don't need to hear other patients wailing and whining in pain). Oh-kay...

* Image taken from Google search

2nd September 2011 ~ 7am+

One nurse came over from the hospital ward with a wheelchair to escort me to my suite (I am not kidding you, I get an escort cos I'm a Full Paying Patient). Told the nurse no thank you, I'd rather walk to my room to speed up the contractions and dilation. And we walked to the next building where my room is. And when we reached there, I was told there are no more single bedded rooms at the moment and I had to share my room with another lady.

What?!!! And my hubby said he got me a Trump suite all to myself?!!!

Wished I could say this to the nurse...

Argh... tried to maintain my cool and just said 'Whatever, just show me my room' and the nurse told me that the charges for single bedded room and double bedded room are the same. Arghhhh... whatever whatever... I just want to lie down on my bed and sleep. Seriously...

Hubby came over with my bag and stuff and was surprised as well when he was told there are no more single bedded rooms for now. He looked at me sheepishly.

2nd September 2011 ~ between 7am+ to 11am+

Period-like cramps are getting more intense. I kept telling hubby it's painful and this is going to be our last child not kidding. He offered me his hand and I remembered how hard I grabbed his fingers last time with Ben and decided not to use my full strength on his hand. Yeah, in the midst of awful pain, I am still considerate and loving huh?

Also to note, this round, it is more pain especially near my groin area whenever I had the contractions and was told that my baby has engaged - which is the pain is more intense. Buzzed for the nurse few times to get them to ask a doctor to check how far along was I (as in dilated how much). Each time, the nurse (SAME nurse) will use her small rounded timer and time my contractions in 10 minutes and told me to wait until my water bag breaks.

Hubby reminded me that when I was looking like a wreck like this during Ben's time, I was really close to giving birth, so he had a hunch it's getting close! Oh great, thanks for the revelation!

When I was down to 3 agonising contractions in 10 minutes, I told the nurse, I really want a doctor to check my dilation, I will stop bugging you guys when I know how far along I am. So after a while, they told me to go to this small  examination room and lie on the bed to wait for the doctor who is on her way to check me (FYI, my gynae was still on holiday and was only due to be back at work the next day)

2nd September 2011 ~ 12pm

Hubby was asked to wait outside the room - leaving me all alone WITH NOTHING TO GRAB or WHINE TO! Arghhh.!!!! A lady doctor came in and told me that the hospital procedure is they will check how far along was I, if I have reached 4cm, they will break my water bag and wheeled me to the labor ward (next building) and we will then wait until I reached 10cm to give birth. And if I have not reached 4cm, I'm going back to my own room.

Just as the doctor put on her gloves to get ready to break my water bag, she looked down and said loudly "Oh no, you're 8cm already! I cannot break your water bag now, if I do so, you're going to give birth right here!" Meanwhile, hubby who was outside the room (no door) shouted "Ooo Oooo 8cm! So close already!!!"

I glared at the nurse who kept telling me to wait for my water bag to break and she sheepishly said I was not screaming or crying in pain which is why she doesn't take my whining seriously. WTH...

Wished I could say this to the nurse again...

Note to self to scream like a banshee next time to be taken seriously but wait... reminded myself no more, no more...

So anyway, after finding out I was 8cm dilated, the doctor asked the nurse whether there are enough equipments for me to deliver right in the room where I was and the nurse said no, this is only an examination room, they have to wheel me to the labor ward in the next building.

GREAT! Immediately, the doctor told the nurse to go ahead and she will meet up with me at the labor ward. Hubby had to take another route to go to the labor ward as only staff and patients are allowed to go through the shortcuts.

* Image taken from Google search

To be honest, I was really hoping I did not deliver right in the hallway as 2 nurses wheeled me to the labor ward. When I felt my contractions coming on, I prayed 'No, not here, I don't want the birth cert to state hospital hallway as place of birth, no, no. You hang in there first don't come out yet!'

2nd September 2011 ~ 12.30pm

Once I was in the labor room, I saw the lady doctor and she got ready with her preparations and stuff. I had to change into another hospital gown and we waited a while for my hubby to be in. When he came in, I looked at him and said 'I want the gas mask!' I used it when I gave birth to Ben 2 years ago and I felt it really help me to focus on something else (to draw the gas out from the mask) instead of fearing the pain of labor.

Hubby asked the doctor whether I could use the mask and they said go ahead. The doctor broke my water bag and told me to push when I feel the next contraction coming. I think I only use the gas mask for a short while because one of the nurse took it away from me after my first push. Too distracting I guess. I did remembered the doctor telling my hubby to take a look at Alyson crowning after my first push and that I am a good pusher. Oh-kayyy...

I pushed another round for a long time cos everyone (REALLY EVERYONE!) around me shouting things like 'Push a little bit more, we can see her head already!', 'A little bit only!', 'You can do it! Push!' and I did my best and the doctor in the end helped pulled out Alyson since her head is out already.

After Alyson was out, I was so relieved and then only I realised there were like half a dozen people in the room with me. Most of them are nurses on duty actually. In total, plus hubby, I think there are close to 10 people in the labor room with me...

* Image taken from Google search

Apparently it was lunch time and I was the only LUCKY woman giving birth at that time and everyone in the labor ward came over for the show as my labor was quite a big hoo-hah (with the 8cm and still looking cool as cucumber incident and that I'm about to pop anytime)

So, there you go... the long story of my 2nd supernatural childbirth. And why I think this round is still supernatural?

* Alyson engaged herself and I finally have the chance to feel how a baby engaged feels like (and how painful it was when the contractions came)

* I delivered Alyson naturally

* I don't rely on painkillers other than Entonox (which was for a couple of seconds only)

* I delivered Alyson in 2 pushes!

* I lost very little blood about 250ml (a can of soft drink) which was the same case with Ben

* No episiotomy this round! Yeay!

Again, I thank God for His divine intervention and for His blessings on our family.

And yes, we're now a family of 4!

Welcome to the family, Alyson!

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Catheryn @ PinkBibs

Wow Jenny!  What a drama and bravo!!

You really rock!!

You had a group of audience in the labour room with you.  I had my pastor, his wife, 2 other uncles in the labour room with me together with my Mom and hb during my turn.  And it feels like I had the whole world witnessing me whining in pain. ARGH!


My first baby - pushing failed! Ended doc adviced for Caesarian! After baby is out, he told me ur baby boy is big. 3.82kg!!!

Now coming my second one, hubby adviced me to go for Caesarian, he duan to see me so "san fu", later I ended the same situation again like the first one.

Jenny u must be proud of yourself.


I salute you!!! Your pain threshold is supernatural!

COngrats on such a successful delivery. Your hubby was so funny with the need to mop the floor.

Alyson's eyes are so big - like Ben's!


Very dramatic, but glad everything is smooth.  Congratulations!

Alison@Mama Wants This

Well done on the delivery, so glad it went sort of smoothly Smile

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Catheryn!
Whoa... so many friends and family members with you ha! At least though I have lots of audiences around, I don't know them, so not so shy Tong

Hey Angeline!
Oh please please do try for natural first! The feeling (although painful) is really amazing! And the healing process is much more faster and easier compared to c-sect!

Hey Germaine!
Thank you, thank you. I trust that God gave me the strength to bear the pain! As for the floor mopping, oh well, hubby did mop the floor when I was resting at the hospital (and even got Ben to help out!) And thank you for your compliments on Alyson's eyes! I do want her to have big eyes like mine! Hehehe... ;)

Hey Rose & Alison!
Thank you! Smile


She is just beautiful - and you were a rockstar!!  

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hey Aurie!
Thank you for your compliments! Smile


Wow nice, and I was hoping 2nd child can come out painless and fast. haha. Quite amazing that they never put you in labour ward immediately since your contraction is so close.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Leona!
Yeah, the thing is I don't look like I was in pain although I was having 3 big and long contractions in 10 minutes time (well, that's what the nurse who kept checking me said) Which is why they just don't take me seriously until I kept on nagging them to check me!

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