Embracing My Supernatural ChildBirth Experiences...

~ Posted on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 at 12:00 PM ~

Welcome to the June 2012 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Embracing Your Birth Experience

This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Code Name: Mama and Hobo Mama. This month our participants have written about at least one part of their birth experience that they can hold up and cherish.

Btw if you have baby girls, I highly recommend purchasing a baby swing for girls so you can get some much needed rest from the infants for a few minutes!

I blogged about both Benjamin's and Alyson's supernatural childbirth experiences before. For this month's Carnival of Natural Parenting, we have this topic to ponder on:

"It seems like there is so much pressure in the natural parenting community to have the “perfect” birth, but everyone’s definition of the “perfect” birth is different – and it certainly isn’t what happens for many women. This month we want to celebrate the miracle of birth no matter what it looks like. Pick at least one part of your birth experience that you can hold up and cherish and share it with us!"

Now, I for one, don't think I had the perfect birth for both my kids, but I do believe they are both supernatural. Why?

With my 1st child,

* Ben engaged himself just 2 hours before I gave birth (or I'd end up with C-sect cos breech position)

* I don't rely on painkillers other than Entonox (aka the laughing gas)

* I delivered Ben in 3 pushes! (well, first one not counted since it was wasted on my screaming like a banshee)

* I lost very little blood - according to my gynae, I only lose 250ml (a can of soft drink) of blood.

* I didn't even suffer for long from the contractions pain until I was at the hospital (which if I count from midnight to the point I delivered is just 4.5 hours!)

With my 2nd child,

* Alyson engaged herself and I finally have the chance to feel how a baby engaged feels like (and how painful it was when the contractions came)

* I delivered Alyson naturally

* I don't rely on painkillers other than Entonox (which was for a couple of seconds only)

* I delivered Alyson in 2 pushes!

* I lost very little blood about 250ml (a can of soft drink) which was the same case with Ben

* No episiotomy this round! Yeay!

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Dionna @ Code Name: Mama

I remember the feeling of engagement with Ailia, but not with Kieran. It is incredible, isn't it?! I've heard all about using laughing gas during labor - I think it is also big in the UK, yes? It hasn't caught on here in the US, but I think it would be a nice help in some instances.

Jenny @ I'm a full-time mummy

Hi Dionna!
Oh boy, that feeling of my baby engaging... wow... pain pain pain but now that I think of it, I can't recall how painful it is Tong As for the laughing gas, I think I read somewhere that it's no longer a practise in US. From what I learned in my antenatal class, it is one of the safest method of pain relief as the gas leaves your body after inhaling and will not affect the baby (compared to other methods of pain relief)


Funny, it never occurred to me to mention how lucky and blessed I was to have uncomplicated labors each time.  It's a facet that I always forget to be sufficiently thankful for.  Sounds like your labors went nice and smoothly, if not perfect in every respect (what does that mean, anyway?) and there's always something a little supernatural about that whenever it happens.

Kat @ Loving {Almost} Every Moment

It is incredible (and painful!!!) to feel the baby engaging and making it's way down into the pelvis! When I look back at my labours I am glad I felt so much, because, like you said, the memory of pain fades (mostly) but the way you felt during it all doesn't...and I think it's special to hold those memories forever.


Wow you must be very strong. 3 pushes only. I did use the laughing gas too. Thank God for it also.Otherwise, I'll go crazy.

Mandy @ Living Peacefully with Children

I've always loved being able to feel my babies' heads as they come down.

Alinka @ Baby Web

Sounds like it was a piece of cake!!! I wish for the same for myself when I give birth next month Smile

Lauren @ Hobo Mama

I love your description of supernatural — there is something so miraculous about birth! It really sounds like you had two great experiences. Glad things went so smoothly for you and your little ones!

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